15 Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord

Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord: Discord is one of the most excellent game chat services, and there are so many apps like Discord; if you’re a gamer, chances are you use Discord every day. In addition, Discord offers voice and text chat features, and many people use voice changers for Discord programs to change their voice when talking on Discord.

A voice changer for Discord is software that adjusts a user’s pitch or tone of voice. It can be used to record audio and share it with others through email or social media websites like Discord, Skype, Steam, or gaming trolling.

So, if you are fascinated by changing your voice while using Discord, here are the ten best voice changer apps for Discord that you can use in 2022. Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord.

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1. Adobe Audition

It is a unique app that enables you to change your voice quickly. For example, it helps you change the pitch of a sound effortlessly.


  •         You can add your voice to an echo effect.
  •         It also recommends multitrack UI.
  •          It helps you to customize your settings.
  •         You can add convenient sounds to your voice.
  •         Supported Platform: Windows, macOS

Download iMyFone MagicMic for Mac | MacUpdate


2. iMyFoneMagicMic

Discord suggests actual time voice changers, sound effects, and voice memes for gaming or live streaming. It’s one of the most significant Discord voice changers that lets you easily import your MP3 or WAV audio files.


  •         It offers one of the best voice changers with a voice lab that enables you to customize your soundboard
  •         Magiclike offers 200+ voice effects to use in your favourite programs.
  •         You can directly use this voice emulator in games or other applications.
  •         Free Trial: Yes.
  •         Supported platform: Windows

About: Voicemod Clips: Free Voice Changer & Video Maker (Google Play version) | | Apptopia


3. Voicemod

Voicemod is one of Discord’s most popular and best voice changer programs. There are hundreds of modes to choose from, so install the app and turn on your voice mode.

 Feature :

  •         Tons of different voices. 
  •         The VoiceMode effect sounds more natural.
  •         Works with several voice chat services like Skype, PUBG, Fortnite, Google Chat, Mumble
  •         Supported Platforms: Windows
  •         Pricing: Free, in-app purchases are available

AV Voice Changer Software


4. AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software is specialized-class voice changer software that you can use in real-time with Twitch and Discord use this tool to record your transformed voice and, to make it more accurate, edit the waveform.

Features :

  •         The option to record your morphed voice and edit it into a waveform is quite expensive
  •         Improved virtual driver technology
  •         Supported Platforms: Window
  •         Pricing: Free trial, $99.95 

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5. AthTek Voice Changer

A user-friendly audio application that enables you to dub videos and movies easily. This application supports  WAV, MP3, WMA, and more.


  •         You can change the pitch of your voice without any trouble.
  •          It allows you to show your sound.
  •         You can also change your voice speed.     It is simple to install.
  •         You will receive free technical support.
  •         Supported platforms: Windows.


6. ClownFish

Clownfish is a free voice changer app that can be installed at the system level so that any application that uses your microphone can use your altered voice.

Features :

  •         A good collection of effects, but it makes the interface look like the old days.
  •         Setting up is pretty simple
  •         Supported platforms: Windows
  •         Price: Free


MorphVOX for Windows - Download it from Uptodown for free


7. MorphVox

The software analyzes your voice to execute the best voice change effects so that you sound as close to normal as promising. You can use the fitted voice and sound effects to sound like a man, a woman, a child, a robot, or anyone.

Features :

  •         Lots of built-in voice and sound effects, but the setup process isn’t simple
  •         Presenting the best voice change effect requires some learning curve
  •         Offers you to customize that need to fine-tune your voice
  •         Supported platforms: Windows
  •         Price: Free, paid version available for $39.99

Official] AV Voice Changer Software Diamond - Realtime male, female, celebrity voice editor


8. Audio4Fun

This voice changer software modifies your voice in real-time to make it sound like an old lady, a teenage boy, a girl, and many more.


  •         It offers an innovative and user-friendly interface with easy access.
  •         You can change your voice both online and offline easily.
  •          It offers advanced voice morphing technology that grants you to create authentic voices.
  •         t provides a vast library of vibrant audio and background effects.
  •         Audio4Fun software is also compatible with online video games, instant messaging, and VoIP programs.
  •         Supported platforms: Windows 

Voxal Voice Changer for Windows - Download it from Uptodown for free


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9. Voxal Voice Changer

In real-time, it lets you record voices and apply effects to already registered votes.


  •         A solid collection of voice change features but may not support voice export as an mp3 (or similar) format.
  •         Works with popular voice chat services, such as Skype
  •         Supported Platforms: Windows and macOS
  •         Pricing: Free trial, $35.99




10. Best Voice Changer -Free

It supports mp3, WAV, and other file formats. This program also enables you to add effects with just one tap.

Features :

  •         You can record your voice or select an audio file to change the voice.
  •         It has a wide range of implications to choose from
  •         Supported platforms: Android.


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11. Roblox Voice Changer

As an android device application, it has over 32 voice styles, including pitch modulation settings. In addition, this mobile app saves your recordings.


  •         It also lets you share your results on SoundCloud.
  •         This app helps you create ringtones.
  •         It allows a vocoder with real-time FFT spectrum analysis.
  •         Supported platforms: Android.

Voice Changer With Effects for Android - Download the APK from Uptodown


12. Voice Changer with Effects

The app also allows you to record your voice and use a variety of crazy effects. So, if you want to sound like a monster or adopt a woman’s voice, you can do by this app.


Features :

  •         It doesn’t have a neat interface to record your voice, and it’s easy to customize
  •         Various crazy effects
  •         Create a picture with a different word
  •         Supported platforms: Android
  •         Price: Free, in-app purchases available

Voice Changer - Voice Editor - Apps on Google Play


13. Voice Changer & Voice Editor

The app has more than 20 voice effects that you can use at will. With this app, you can even slow down or fasten the audio.


Features :

  •         Simple UI with lots of ads
  •          A sufficient Impact Premium subscription is a bit expensive
  •         Intuitive control
  •         Supported platforms: Android
  •         Price: Free, in-app purchases available

Voicemeeter for Windows - Download it from Uptodown for free


14.  Voicemeeter

The app takes it a step further than the other apps on this list and allows you to customize your effects for your specific needs.


Features :

  •         Customized sound effects are not the most straightforward app and are not recommended for beginners.
  •         Aimed at advanced users but gives the feature that you’d expect from such a tool
  •         Supported platforms: Windows
  •         Price: Free

Voice Changer Plus on the App Store


15.  Voice Changer Plus App

This software enables you to play voice backwards. In addition, users can choose from many sound effects and voices.


Features :

  •         You can listen to the same recording in different voices by choosing a “New Voice” and tapping the Play button.
  •         It’s free to store and share records.
  •         Trim control facility for recording.
  •         Full voiceover support.
  •         Supported platforms: iOS.


Some people do it because of privacy, and some do it just for fun. But, no matter your reason, there’s no contradiction in the fact that it’s a good tool in your collection.

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