Best 32 Inch LED TV In India – (VU, Sony, Mi, Samsung, TCL, iFallcon)

Best 32 Inch LED TV In India

The time of big box tv has gone and now everyone loves to have a slim television on their wall or living room. And 32 inch LED TVs are said to be the best compact-sized television, which perfectly fits in the bedroom or small office. In the current market, even if you are on a low budget, you are going to get some affordable Best 32 Inch LED TV In India loaded with smart features and great picture quality.

Brands such as VU, Samsung, Sony, TCL gives you a lot of options to choose the best 32 inch TV, and after going through each LED television, we have come up with the top seven best 32 inch LED TV options for you.

In the end, we have a complete LED TV buying guide too, so that if you have made your mind grab a new LED TV then it must help you in doing that. So, let’s first know the top best list of 32 inches LED TV and let us add one of the items to the cart.

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List Of Best 32 Inch LED TV In India

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Best 32 inch LED TV In India – Buyer’s Guide and Review

1. Vu HD Ready UltraAndroid LED TV 32GA

Vu 32 inch led tvVu is a well-known display manufacturer from India, which mainly develops affordable and quality LED TVs. The first 32 inches LED TV that ranks #1 in the list comes from the VU brand.

It’s a High definition 720p screen resolution LED TV with a display of high brightness panel, adaptive contrast, and MPEG noise reduction to give you better picture quality.

It is an android smart tv that has an inbuilt google play store and all ott applications to enjoy movies and web series. The refresh rate of the LED TV is 60Hz that is ideally the best option for both TV and PC Gaming purposes in such a price segment.

This Vu LED TV supports all Dolby sound like Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and also has to surround sound technology with DTS Studio Sound to enjoy the Movie theatre experience.

In terms of connectivity, it has 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB, even has a Bluetooth & wifi option to connect a smartphone or wireless headphones in two to three clicks. The price of this 32 inch Smart LED TV surrounds between 13-14k and it’s can be a smart decision to invest in it.

*Specifications –

  • Resolution : HD (1366×768 pixels)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Connectivity: 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth, and Wifi
  • Sound: 20 Watts output, Dolby Audio, and DTS Studio Sound
  • Smart TV: Yes (Android Pie 9.0)

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2. Sony Bravia R202G HD Ready LED Tv

sony bravia 32 inch led tvSony brand lovers have an opportunity to grab this 32 inches LED TV for an immersive viewing experience with superior HD display. This sony Bravia gives you accurate details, color with a clear definition that makes your movie adventure bright.

The audio output is 20W with in-built FM Radio to enjoy the crisp and clear sound, and you can add up to 30 FM stations so that you can recall each of them whenever you want.

Well, this LED TV is non-smart but has 2 HDMI and 1 USB input so that you can connect devices to enjoy more video/audio content. Price-wise, it’s a bit expensive after comparing the features with other 32 inches LED TVs.

*Specifications –

  • Resolution : HD (1366×768 pixels)
  • Refresh Rate: 50 hertz
  • Connectivity: 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port with No Bluetooth, and Wifi
  • Sound: 20 Watts output with FM Radio
  • Smart TV: No

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3. LG HD Ready Smart LED TV

LG 32 inch led tvHere we are introducing the 32 inch Smart LED TV from LG brand. The Smart TV is powered with LG’s own Android-based os called ‘WebOs’, where you get access to applications like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, etc,.

The dynamic colors and Active HDR creates more natural images for stunning picture quality. The audio supports Dolby technology and provides three dimensional sound experience with DTS virtual to feel the action scenes in movies.

It has built-in wifi with 2 HDMI & 1 USB port for connecting different devices at the same time. A bit expensive in price but can be preferred in terms of features.

*Specifications –

  • Resolution : HD (1366×768 pixels)
  • Panel Technology: IPS
  • Refresh Rate: 50 hertz
  • Connectivity: 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port with Wifi
  • Sound: 10 Watts output with Dolby & DTS
  • Smart TV: Yes (WebOS)

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4. Samsung HD Ready LED TV UA32T4010ARXXL

samsung 32 inch led tvThis Samsung model is one of the Best 32 Inch LED TV In India. A slim, modern, and sleek designed HD LED TV comes from Samsung. It’s a regular HD LED TV with no android based os, but have 2 HDMI and 1 USB port to turn it as a smart tv.

You can connect your DTH, firestick, or any external USB device to watch any video/audio content on your crystal clear HD LED display. The sound output of the TV is 20W, which gives you louder sound for great entertainment. Pricing is okay and you can go with this 32 inches LED TV.

*Specifications –

  • Resolution : HD (1366×768 pixels)
  • Picture Engine: Hyper Real
  • Connectivity: 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port
  • Sound: 20 Watts output
  • Smart TV: No

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5. TCL S6500 Series 32S6500S HD Ready LED Smart TV

tcl 32 inch led tvIn case you’re looking for google certified Smart Android TV, then TCL should be your choice. The LED TV packs with smart features that let you watch web content via Netflix, Google play store, etc, and even has an inbuilt wifi option and Chromecast for screen mirroring.

Integrated 2 speakers with Dolby audio technology for immersive music experience. It has 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB, and Bluetooth support for more content usage. The Smart LED TV costs around 12k and if you want smart tv features on your TV then getting this TCL will be a good option.

*Specifications –

  • Resolution : HD (1366×768 pixels)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Connectivity: 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port with Bluetooth, and Wifi
  • Sound: 16 Watts output with Dolby Audio
  • Smart TV: Yes (Android OS)

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6. Mi 4A PRO HD Ready LED Smart Android TV

Mi 4a 32 inch led tvAnother Android-powered Smart LED TV shows up from the Xiaomi brand. The MI smart tv runs on the latest Android Pie 9.0 which delivers up to 20 ott platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Alt Balaji. Etc,

To get more OTT and video content applications, you can use the inbuilt Chromecast feature to cast content directly from your smartphone. The smart tv has a refresh rate of 60 hertz that provides uninterrupted natural pictures with the ultra HD display.

It has a DTS HD audio tech. to give you real cinematic experience, with its HD stunning sound. To make your life easier, it also has Google Assistant to let you control your voice commands.

*Specifications –

  • Resolution : HD (1366×768 pixels)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Connectivity : 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports with Bluetooth, and Wifi
  • Sound: 20 Watts output with Dolby + DTS-HD
  • Smart TV: Yes (Android OS)

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7. iFFALCON HD Ready Smart Android TV 32F2A

iFallcon 32 inch led tviFFALCON by TCL brand comes with Smart featured Android TV in the budget of 11k. With the google assistant, you can control your smart android tv to watch movies and web series from a lot of ott platforms.

The brand claims to have HDR 10 that provides clear and sharp pictures with zero noise. The IPQ engine helps you to optimize contrast and brightness range for better video quality.

The smart tv has a built-in stereo surrounding box speaker that boosts up your favorite soundtracks. For the sports lover, it has a separate sports mode to let you hear each audio note from the match. In terms of connectivity, it has 2 HDMI, 1 USB port, and Wifi support.

*Specifications –

  • Resolution : HD (1366×768 pixels)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Connectivity: 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port with Wifi
  • Sound: 16 Watts output with stereo sound
  • Smart TV: Yes (Android OS)

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32 Inch LED TV Buying Guide

Selecting one LED TV among thousands of products isn’t that simple, you need to make sure that the product you’re gonna purchase is suitable for you or not.

Depending upon the infrastructure and room size, it should be well in terms of look and performance. So, here we are listing all those vital points that you should examine before putting your hand in LED TVs.

1. Resolution

You might be familiar with Hd-720p and Full HD-1080, these are the screen resolution which you should know whenever you are getting any LED TV. These resolutions are counted by pixels of the screen.

The more pixel counts the better screen resolution. Generally, 32 inches LED Tv comes with HD i.e, 1366×768 pixels, but if you are getting a full HD screen resolution LED Tv i.e, 1920×1080 pixels. Then it would be a good choice to go with it.

2. Type Of LED

Basically there are two types of LED – Back-Lit LED and Edge-Lit LED. And most of us don’t even care about which type of LED our TV has. In Back-Lit LED, the light distribution is constant and you get better contrast while watching any movie or video, while In Edge-Lit LED the light distribution is done at the edge of the tv, which makes the screen brighter when watched closely.

Now as per the science, Back-Lit LED has a better picture quality which is quite thicker and expensive than Edge-Lit LED. So, check out what type of LED when purchasing 32 inches LED TV.

3. Panel Technology

Same as the above point, panel technology also has two types: IPS ( In-Plane Switch) & VA (Vertical Alignment). To explain these two terms in an easy way, just keep in mind that IPS gives a wide-angle where if anyone from side views the LED TV he/she won’t see a drop in picture quality while in VA, the side person won’t be able to experience the picture and colors.

So, if you’ve your personal room and you are comfortable with the VA technology then you can consider it. On the other hand, choosing IPS LED would be the right choice.

4. Refresh Rate

Refresh rate defines the number of times your LED updates with new images each second. Meaning, in a high refresh rate you will see smooth movement while watching any fight scene or car racing.

The standard refresh rate of LED Tv is 60Hz which is enough if just wanna watch tv channels, in case you wanna connect your LED TV to pc for gaming, having a high refresh rate LED TV will be better for you.

5. Smart or Not

Does your LED TV have apps and internet access? if yes, then you have a smart tv. Now when choosing any Smart LED TV you get inbuilt smart features that have an android based operating system where you can access apps like Netflix, Amazon prime and can also use the google play store.

The other LED TVs are said to be as ‘nonsmart’ LED TV, that doesn’t with wifi and internet connection. And getting a nonsmart tv is cheaper than a smart one, however, if the LED TV has enough connectivity options then you can use it as a smart tv also. So, let’s check the connectivity point next.

6. Connectivity

The main thing that you should look while buying 32 inches LED TV is checking whether the TV has enough HDMI ports or not. Two or three would be perfect for a nonsmart LED TV and using these HDMI ports, you can connect it with your pc, DTH, firestick, Chromecast which indirectly makes your LED TV as ‘smart’.

Along with HDMI, it should also own USB input, wifi, or Bluetooth. Having more connections make your life easy when operating different devices at the same time.

7. Sound Quality

The last thing that will turn your living room in a tiny cinema hall, would the audio technology of your LED TV. Some of the 32 inches also have to surround sound technology in it but if your LED TV has audio output then you can also connect it with the home theatres that will surely give a cinematic vibe. But if you are a regular DTH user, then the sound quality of the LED TV should not be a concerning factor for you.

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Final Words

People have shifted from LCD to LED TVs, due to better picture quality and view. And when there are tons of LED TVs from different brands, electing one isn’t a sudden decision.

Plus, along with the best 32 inches LED TV in India, we also shared the LED TV buying guide, so you could not take the wrong step about LED TV. Hence share it with your friends and comment below If you have any questions or thoughts.

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