10 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need to Check Out

About Char GPT Chrome Extension :

The most operated web browser is Google Chrome, which has 3.2 billion users. In addition, 65% share of the global market. While Google regularly releases updates and security patches for its popular web browser, browser extensions are simple tools that can improve the Google Chrome user experience.

ChatGPT. Chrome Extension is a free extension that gives you quick access to OpenAI’s ChatGPT on WebWeb.

Below are 10 Google Chrome extensions to help you with your daily tasks. Here are ten beneficial ChatGPT Chrome extensions you just discovered you’re missing. Please check them out and add them to your extension, making things more accessible.

Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions
Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

Ten best Chat GPT Chrome Extensions:

  1. WebChatGPT 

Even with its intelligent, confident answers and informative database, ChatGPT still needs one main thing: Access to the latest information on the internet. Because ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to 2021 data, answers that happened after that time need to be updated. However, WebChatGPT, one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions, helps to overcome this limitation.

This extension enhances the bot to add relevant web results to everything you ask. After entering a prompt, the extension allows ChatGPT to search the Web for appropriate links. The bot then shows the search results and compiles the information based on these links.


  1. Predict 2023 With Praline Ai

Choose from a few questions, then wow your audience with your most significant predictions for the coming year. Rather than a roaring epidemic, trend experts project more family dinners, fermented foods, and souffle pancakes for 2019. However, the world has found a way to change, evolve and progress, while the restaurant sector has resisted fiercely. Choose from a few questions, then wow your audience with your most significant predictions for the coming year.

This year, we witnessed restaurant openings, innovative culinary start-ups, and partnerships. These events were motivated by gratitude for the freedom to gather in pubs and restaurants.

Read: 10 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need to Check Out

  1. ChatGPT Writer

Gmail Email Authoring Tool. Free and privacy-friendly Chrome plugin that uses ChatGPT AI to generate exclusive emails or replies from a short list of keywords you provide. Gmail is tightly integrated for the most remarkable user experience. Coming soon to Outlook and LinkedIn.

Like other OpenAI products, ChatGPT has gained popularity due to many signups. A lot of ChatGPT responses on my own Twitter feed border on magic.f you need to be more careful, ChatGPT may deliver the following marketing text. The technology is based on a version of GPT-3, which the business refers to as “GPT-3.5”.(Edited)Restore original

  1. ChatGPT for Google :

This ChatGPT extension solves the problem and brings the bot to the search engine. ChatGPT for Google Extension displays Google search results and ChatGPT’s response. All you have to do to set it up is log into OpenAI using the extension, and you’re set.

The extension comes alive when you’re using Google. To start, do a general search for any topic on Google. If you replace the current Knowledge button on the right, you will notice a new ChatGPT panel. ChatGPT renders a response from your Google search results; ChatGPT can provide feedback, write code, and like a website more.


5.  Merlin- OpenAI ChatGPT Powered Assistant

Merlin is Open AI’s ChatGPT-powered extension that performs across the browser. Because the extension relies on Open AI’s GPT AI model, it gives the same response across different prompt types. Merlin is an extension that can be enabled by pressing the keyboard shortcut CTRL (CMD on Mac) + M in the browser. While entering a question you like in ChatGPT, Merlin will give you an answer within seconds.

  1. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

The YouTube Summary extension is to help with this and end your annoyance. After you have installed and logged in, a YouTube summary box appears next to any video you’ve played on the website. Clicking on the box will open the YouTube transcript. Since the website can do this, we are not looking for it.

The accuracy level relies upon the AI chatbot, but this extension performs well for most videos, provided they have clear audio. YouTube Summary is one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions because it saves valuable time.

  1. TweetGPT

The TweetGPT Chrome extension integrates ChatGPT directly into Twitter so people can use it. Once installed, you’ll see a robot icon in the “New Tweet” pop-up. Click the robot icon to choose your post or answer from different moods. Tweet GPT supports modes like Funny, Snarky, Optimistic, Excited, Smart, and even Hillbilly. Click on any of these, and Chat GPT will automatically generate tweets.

You can redo these sections for new tweets, but I found most of them amusing. TweetGPT is one of the best and funniest ChatGPT Chrome extensions you can have it.

  1. Search GPT Shortcut

Locating a specific item on a long or complex web page can be challenging, similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, a simple keyboard shortcut can perform an in-page search quickly. When you use the Search GPT shortcut, the ChatGPT answer will appear alongside Google’s search results.

  1. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

Suppose You may run out of prompts to have fun with chatbots. ChatGPT Prompt Genius fills that gap by giving users all the prompts they could want and more added features.

To begin, click Extensions in Chrome, and you’ll be directed to a page full of prompts. You can then choose from the many available prompts and choose them using the category. Once you are satisfied with the generated input, click the yellow Play Prompt button, and a ChatGPT window will open by pasting the Prompt. You can also use the Prompt Genius extension to try as many inputs as possible.

  1. Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

Prompteus effectively transforms chatbots into simple voice assistants like Siri. This convenient Chrome extension adds the ability to accept mic input to ChatGPT. The Prompttheus extension rotates to the right of the ChatGPT conversation window and does not get in your way. Just make sure your machine has a working microphone. Otherwise, it won’t work.


Conclusion :

To improve your ChatGPT experience, think about using one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions. These extensions offer additional features and make the AI chatbot more accessible in many ways.


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