10 Best Financial Planning Blogs/Financial Bloggers In India

Best Financial Planning Blogs/Financial Bloggers In India

Best Financial Planning Blogs/Financial Bloggers In India

To deal with any monetary related stuff, accurate financial knowledge is necessary. One has to understand the basic principles of finances. Along with this, one must try to analyze the technical aspects of managing finances. Not only this if you are into finance, then it is important to know about the stock market and investments. If you want to make investments in some mutual funds or the stock market, always go for some expert advice before starting. The best expert advice is available for free on the internet in the form of financial blogs.

Best Financial Planning Blogs/Financial Bloggers In India

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When talking about finances, we always get confused because it’s about money. Proper financial guidance is a must when it is related to money. The best way to gain any knowledge is through good blogs. Blogs will give you the latest and up to date information about anything. The financial blog is an online journal that will provide you with all the latest news, updates, and essential information.

There are about hundreds of bloggers on the internet who will claim to provide you best knowledge about finances. But it’s about money, so we can not trust every other person. One should follow some good and experienced finance experts to get correct and accurate knowledge. So, I personally love to read blogs, especially Indian blogs. Because I relate to them and can understand their concept and viewpoint in a better way.

There are only a few bloggers who are experts and gives the best financial advice. I follow 10 best financial Indian bloggers. The financial guidance of experts is always beneficial. So, here I will tell you about some best financial planning blogs in India. Be with me till the end to know in detail about these amazing financial bloggers in India.

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Here Is The List Of Best Financial Planning Blogs and Financial Bloggers In India

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These are the best Indian financial bloggers. Going further in the article I will explain to you their amazing content and how they are going to help you. 

I made this list, not in any order or sequence. All of them are best and their knowledge about the respective field is commendable. You can follow any one of them for all the latest updates about the financial field. 

Best Financial Planning Blogs/Financial Bloggers In India – Detailed Reviewed

Without wasting any more time, let’s move to the detailed information about these best financial Indian bloggers.

1. Manish Chauhan: Jagoinvestor

Jagoinvertor financial blog

One of the renowned Indian financial bloggers is Manish Chauhan. Jagoinvestor is a perfect place for anyone who wants to know about finance and investment. Manish is a finance coach and he has written a book named, 16 personal finance principles every investor should know. The blog covers various areas of finance including mutual funds, personal finance, credit cards, insurance, EPF, PPF, and much more.

Manish does conduct workshops on financial planning and management. Being an expert, he is the best person who can give the proper and correct guidance. I personally love his concept and ideologies about money. The total monthly traffic on the blog is 223.11k.

2. Kriti: Be Money Aware

Be Money Aware Financial Blog

Kriti is a software engineer and the finest finance blogger in India. She is the editor and owner of Be Money Aware. Her blog has all guides for better financial planning. The major fiends that she focuses on are investments, EPF, PPF, loan, credit card, debt, fill form 15G, and increasing avenues. She has posted complete procedural blogs on filing income tax forms. 

3. Sandeep Kanoi: Taxguru

Tax Guru Financial blog

Sandeep Kanoi is one of the famous and most popular Indian finance bloggers. Sandeep is the founder of www.taxguru.in. This blog is a complete package of everything related to finance. Best for chartered accountants, tax professionals, and company accountants. You will get information about all the latest amendments and case laws. The blog will inform you about up to date financial notifications and circulars.

If you want knowledge about labor laws, corporate laws, company laws, and CMA regulations, then this is a perfect place for you. Everything about taxes and personal finances is explained very well. Different types of taxes like income tax, wealth tax, service tax, etc. are covered in the blogs. Other than these, the blog gives you details about ICAI, MVAT, RBI, FEMA, DGFT, SEZ, ICSI.

4. Basavraj Tonagatti: BasuNivesh

BasuNivesh Financial blog

BasuNivesh is among the best financial blogs in India. Basavraj Tonagatti is the founder and editor of this blog. The main purpose of the blog is to help the common Indian population, to understand the concept of taxes and finances. He posts all the information which is correct and beneficial. The blog is helping people online so that they are not misled by anyone. It covers various topics like EPF, PPF, insurance, banking, mutual fund, investments, tax planning, and much more. The author shares his ideas and analysis for beginner investors. Monthly traffic is 385.7k.

5. Amit Kumar: Apna Plan

ApnaPlan Financial Blog

Amit Kumar, among the best financial bloggers of India, is the owner and editor of the Apna plan blog. Amit is an MBA with NSE certifications. The blog basically helps out all the beginner investors in making their financial decisions with their blogs on Indian laws for investments. Not only this, but the blog also covers many other important aspects of finance such as mutual funds, investments, income tax, FD and RD, loans, stock market, and finance planning. About 162.22k people visit his website every month. Apna plan website has its own income tax calculator, which is a very good option for every individual.

6. Vishal Khandelwal: Safal Niveshak

Safal Niveshak Financial Blog


Safal Niveshak is an initiative by Vishal Khandelwal to help out all the investors in India. He used science to modernize the concept of investments and financial management. The blog would help you in taking your financial decisions. There are courses that will help you in understanding the finances better. Stock market investment strategies are also well explained in various blogs.

The blogs cover success stories and interviews of some well-known investors in order to motivate the beginners. Also, the owner, Vishal comes forward to help the new investors. The monthly website visitors are 83.9k.

7. Sreekanth: ReLakhs

Relakhs financial blog

ReLakhs is a Bangalore based firm, owned by Sreekanth. Sreekanth is the founder and editor of the website. He is a certified financial planner, hence the best finance blogger in India. The blogs focus on all the major areas of finance including home loans, insurance, mutual funds, tax planning, banking, stock market, etc. Sreekanth himself provides consultation on financial planning, property, tax planning, and other related fields. His website has good monthly traffic of 445.16k.

8. Raviraj Prakash: Moneyexcel

Money Excel Financial blog

Moneyexcel is an initiative of Raviraj Prakash. The main goal behind this project is to spread awareness and knowledge about finance and economics to the common individual of India. This blog has now become one of the best finance blogs in India.

Raviraj Prakash is a finance graduate and hence has abundant knowledge and expertise in the field. He writes about various basic topics like insurance, stock market, mutual funds, personal finance planning, investment, financial planning, and much more. Other than these core topics, he also holds a good knowledge of real estate, gold, business ideas, etc. Above 431k people visit his blog on a monthly basis.

9. Manshu: One mint

Onemint Financial Blog


One mint, an amazing blog on finance knowledge is owned by Manshu. Manshu is a student and following his dreams and passion for blogging. His blogs will definitely help you in making better decisions related to money and finance. The financial information provided on the blogs gives ideas and motivation to beginner investors. Not only finance, but the blog also concentrates on technology and the economy.

Manshu has a very good knowledge of economics. Hence Manshu shares his ideas and analysis on the economic statistics, for improving the Indian market. One mint has amazing monthly traffic of 180.93k.

10. One India Money: Good Returns

Good Return Financial Blog

Here comes one more gem in the best financial blogs in India, i.e., Good Returns. Good Returns is another channel of the very famous oneindiamoney.com. The blogs of Good Returns are available in different languages, i.e., Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

There are expert blogs on personal finance planning, stock market, banking, investments, mutual funds, PPF, etc. Other than these blogs, the website has all the latest news related to the finance and the stock market. Special blogs for corporate business growth are also there.

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Final Words

These were the top 10 best financial blogs in India. All the information they share is correct and up to date. All of these are the best financial bloggers of India. Hence their expertise can never be doubted. You can follow any of them. All are good. I would suggest you follow their blogs regularly, to gain the knowledge and tips for making better financial decisions. Hope you liked the article. Stay tuned with us for such amazing articles.

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