Best Tools To Download Instagram Videos And Reels

Best Tools To Download Instagram Videos And Reels

Instagram is one of the best engaging and exciting online platforms to spend your leisure time. But on Instagram, you can not download any image or video of your choice. That’s why there are many Instagram downloads of Instagram videos, stories, reels, highlights, and photos in the internet world.

Do not worry. Here in this article, we try to solve your problem by delivering some of the best Instagram videos and reel downloader tools and apps with their pros and cons. this list contains some open source and commercial software.

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Top Instagram Video And Reel Downloading Apps


  • iTubeGO is the best software tool for downloading Instagram reels and videos in considerable audio and video formats.
  •  iTubeGO has a built-in video converter for quick and easy converting videos and reels into MP4, MP3, 4K, and HD formats. 
  • It also authorizes you to reverse videos into MP3 audio format. 
  •  The cutter tool features make it effortless to get a specific part of a video for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, etc.
  • You need to arrange the start and end periods of the video.


  • The desktop version supports batch downloading
  • Over 1000 online video platforms supported
  • many UHD and SD, and video quality options to choose 
  • You can keep video and music download private with a password
  • Hiding video feature can keep them secret


  • iTubeGo is not free, and you have to pay some subscription charge


By Click Downloader

  •  Click Downloader is the simplest form of downloading videos, as it offers advanced options such as live videos, downloading playlists, subtitles, etc. 
  • It effortlessly downloads reels and videos from Instagram.
  •  This software help to download videos you want to watch in your browser with a tap. 
  • The download process is seamless and straightforward, as it allows downloading videos while watching them in a browser.
  • The premium version lets you cut apart from the MP3 and put it as your ringtone.


  • Understandable step to download Instagram videos and reels.
  • 720p, 1080p, 4K, or sometimes 8K video formats can become downloadable.
  •  In every duration of weeks, a new version is available.


  • This software does not apply to mac or the Linux platform.


4K Stogram

Best Tools To Download Instagram Videos And Reels

  • 4K Stogram is a composite platform of video downloaders for Personal computers, Macs, and Linux.
  •  It is a solid and useful Instagram reel downloader that suggests various features. 
  • You can download reels, videos, and photos from any general Instagram account, popular hashtags, and locations.
  • You can avail Instagram videos in MP4 format and also in original quality.
  • You also download regular Instagram posts, Instagram Stories carousel posts, and Story Highlights.


  • 4K Stogram can download personal Instagram photos and videos, etc.
  • This app allows you to download Instagram highlights into separate folders for individual highlights.
  • You can download several Instagram posts with the help of these tools at once.
  • You can browse another account’s Stories anonymously.


  • The free version has lots of advertisements that some times very annoying.



Best Tools To Download Instagram Videos And Reels

  • SnapDownloader has a quick and easy-to-download feature that can help download videos in different formats, including MP4, MP3, M4A, and AAC, from Instagram.
  •  It helps to download videos from Instagram up to 8K resolution to save your favourite content.
  •  With the help of a download scheduler, you can schedule videos and audio to be downloaded later whenever you want.


  • This Snap downloader allows you to store several videos and audio folders.
  • It has a download scheduler feature that is incredible to use.
  • SnapDownloader lets you quickly download videos from popular Instagram and well-known websites.


  • Sometimes the app faces glitches, which is why it gets slow. 


YT Saver

  • YT Saver is a tool for Instagram reels video downloaders that download various videos from your favoured social media websites.
  •  YT Saver authorizes you to download reels and videos from Dailymotion, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and over 1000 sites. 
  • This YT saver downloader tool is now evolving as a new craze among people who wish to download all reels and videos from the officially authorised Instagram app.
  • YT Saver maintains high-quality output, which offers outstanding offline video output.
  • (The web browser built into) YT Saver makes finding and downloading Instagram reels or videos from (video/audio)sharing sites simple.


  • YT Saver’s usable built-in web browser drives it simple to browse video or audio output.
  • This video Downloader(YT Saver) delivers you ten times faster for video downloads from different sites.
  • YT Saver’s most famous feature, “Private Mode,” shields your downloaded content ) audio or video) with a password-secure folder.


  • You can only download any video in the majority number with a subscription version.



  • VidJuice UniTube is a software that lets you download videos from various famous video-sharing websites. 
  • It is sophisticated and technology-based that authorizes you to download your favorite videos from around over1000 websites, including Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Dailymotion. 
  • You can access many videos offline on your device. 
  • This downloader authorizes you to download different reel videos from Instagram.
  • This video download app has an in-built video trimmer which causes simplicity to cut clips.
  •  This software provides a download option for videos and audio from Instagram at a maximum flow rate of 320 kbps for audio. 
  • You can also sync videos to Google Drive and Dropbox.


  • You can access audio, videos, and playlists from 10,000+ sites on any device.
  • UniTube’s well-known built-in web browser lets you download personal or login-required videotapes.
  • You can watch and even download your favorite videos in 4K, HD, 8K,1080p, and other resolutions.
  • It automatically speeds up the conversion and downloading process according to your network service.


  • VidJuice offers a Limited trial version for using users.


 How To Download Videos From Instagram?

Here we tried to discuss a step-by-step process on how to download Instagram videos:

Step 1:  Download any of the Instagram as mentioned earlier reel downloader tools

Step 2:  Install your preferred Instagram downloader tool on your device

Step 3: After installation, you can Open the tool 

Step 4: Copy the URL link of your chosen video or reel which you want to download 

Step 5: Paste that URL link into the provided link field

Step 6:  Choose the desired Quality and format of the chosen video

Step 7:  Select the download path on your device

Step 8: Select the Download button, and your chosen video will be downloaded automatically



Using these different Instagram reel downloaders, you can download different reels and videos in your preferred format. You can also store downloaded videos or reels in your chosen folders for future viewing.


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