Change Your Name In Fortnite – The alternative of PUBG Mobile, ‘Fortnite Battle Royale,‘ is on the curve of popularity after the ban on the PUBG Mobile game. The game follows the similar battle royale genre where the player lands on an isolated island with no weapons, either solo, duos, or squads, and defend itself to stay alive till the end of the match.

The video game developed from Epic games first released on Windows, PlayStation, and then released its battle royale variant in the mid-2020s. Since it’s a game with millions of players, we want to create accounts with our specific names.

How To Change Your Name In Fortnite

However, due to a wide range of users, you cannot make it happen, and we generally look for ways to change it. And when you’re too new to such a highly advanced game, it’s not easy to change the particular game’s display name.

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Here we will show you the actual method of changing your name in the Fortnite game when you got no option to modify in the application. Here we go…

Trick To Change Your Name In Fortnite Game

  • The first step to get your display name changed in Fortnite requires email verification, so if you have not verified your email of Epic Games, then you must do it first
  • Now visit the below link and sign in to your Epic Games account
  • Under the General tab, you might see a box of ‘Display Name.
  • Click it and Enter your Display name, which you want to use while playing Fortnite.
  • Scroll downwards and Hit the ‘Save changes‘ button
  • Done! Your Fortnite name has been successfully changed.

Final Words

The display name of any game account shows the player’s character, which indirectly points out the user’s gameplay strengths to the opponent.

And only a few games allow the option to change the display name frequently, and in the case of Fortnite, you can change your name once every two weeks.

And I guess the steps that we discussed above have somehow helped you know about the procedure to modify the name on Fortnite. If it were helpful, share this tutorial with your squad members and create a strong team to defeat the opposition.

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