ChatGPT’s Premium Version Will Cost You $42 each Month

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) obsessive chatbot launched in December 2022. It is prepared to follow many instructions immediately and deliver a detailed answer. 

Until a few days ago, The ChatGPT was available in beta version, and at that time, it was accessible to all. But, according to a few reports by its current users, ChatGPT’ pro’ version is available and costs $42 a month. But The premium version will offer additional features with negligibly unpredictable availability, focus access, and better response terms.

ChatGPT's Premium Version
ChatGPT’s Premium Version

What Is A Chatgpt Professional?

So what precisely is ChatGPT pro? You heard it before. Here you will understand what ChatGPT stated when they asked about its professional version.ChatGPT-professional is slightly different from the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model that is fine-adjusted on a specific assignment or industry, making it suitable for use in professional settings, like,

  •  customer service, 
  • Legal
  • Content writing
  • Blog writing
  •  finance. 

So, if you are experienced with utilizing an advanced chatbot, upgrading your free chatGPT account to the paid or pro version is possibly a reasonable opinion.

What Components Will Offer In The Paid Version Of Chatgpt?

  • OpenAI shared a Google form and a waitlist link for professional ChatGPT service. 
  • According to OpenAI, ChatGPT Professional gears towards experienced use. 
  • Some features include fast reactions from ChatGPT, no blackout windows, and as many messages as you need (at least twice the regular daily limit.

 What Are The Differences Between Chatgpt And ChatGPT Premium?

1. Availability: 

  • If you are tired of ChatGPT, it will display a message that, during high demand, this chatbot is not answering and will be back shortly. You should consider an upgrade version.
  • ChatGPT premium will remain functional even when the need heightens.
  • Users with the paid (pro) version can use this chatbot limitlessly.

2. Faster response time: 

  • The time carried by ChatGPT to reply to the question increased when it reached December 2022.
  •  In the pro version, users can quickly get a faster response from the chatbot, saving time.

3. Preference access to every launched feature:

  •  Various new features expected to launch in the forthcoming months, and if you are a ChatGPT professional user, you will achieve priority access to all of these features.

4. Performance: 

  • ChatGPT-premium offers more precise and produces more appropriate and elevated-quality text.
  •  But compared to ChatGPT premium, Free chatGPT will not provide as exact results as ChatGPT premium.

5. Usage: 

  • While ChatGPT is well-suitable for a wide range of numeral language processing tasks.
  • The ChatGPT-premium is developed explicitly for a particular endeavour or task, which makes ChatGPT-premium appropriate for professional use such as legal, customer service, or finance.

6. Accessibility: 

  • Regarding the question of access, the pro version will charge USD 42 per Month, which is pretty expensive. 
  • The ChatGPT professional may be a better option for everyone, but the free version can be functional by all users. Therefore free version has a broader user base.


Why This Pro Version Of ChatGPT?

  • Yet, the free version is even available, and you will get developed capabilities like faster response paces, less demanding availability, and priority pass to new features.
  •  OpenAI says the cost of operating the chatbot alone is around $100,000 daily. 
  • As per Beliūnas survey, the pro version of ChatGPT will add more than $3 million monthly.

Money-Making Machine For OpenAI?

  • SimilarWeb’s survey shows almost 75 million monthly users now use ChatGPT.
  • However, if only 10% of ChatGPT users subscribe to the pro(premium) service, OpenAI will make around $3.46 billion in remuneration in its first year. 
  • ChatGPT will allow it to earn $2 billion annually at a 60 per cent profit margin.
  • So you can tell, the premium version will open the door to billions of dollars.
  •  The developed but “experimental” premium features of ChatGPT and the subscription price can vary based on the personal requirements of the user and the arrangements made with OpenAI.
  • However, it argues it is not available to the general public because it is conditional on selection; but the company shared a “waitlist link” on its Discord channel.

The Growing Popularity Of ChatGPT Robbed Google Sleep

 According to some news reports, ChatGPT AI is gaining growing popularity. The CEO of Google, Mr Sundar Pichai and its parent organization, Alphabet, attended a few meetings concerning Google’s AI technique against the upgrade of ChatGPT. He instructed numerous crew within the company to concentrate on their efforts to locate the threat that ChatGPT delivered to its search-engine firm. 

  • ChatGPT will gather facts from millions of websites that accumulated over 1 million users five days after its public. 
  • It can deliver unique responses to queries in an informal and humanlike way.
  • The chatbot verifies users who compose college essays, offer programming assistance, and even work as a therapist. Thus, it faces many controversies.
  • Meanwhile, the rage of ChatGPT’s premium version comes out to be a powerful source of revenue for OpenAI.
  • It will likely gain the combined revenues of other big branded digital firms like Spotify, Uber, Twitter, and Airbnb.
  • Collaboration with Microsoft highlights the importance of OpenAI’s tech, which supports by the well-known Microsoft and makes it one of the most profitable investments in technology.

A Great Competition

  • It is worth recalling, too, that the demand for AI chatbots is heading to explode in 2023. 
  • Not only their rival techniques in development (such as Claude, created by former OpenAI employees but presently only available in closed beta) but OpenAI’s determination to instigate Microsoft is intending to combine ChatGPT into Microsoft Bing and Microsoft office suite.
  • Google is constantly rushing to demonstrate its chat-boost search product afterwards this year. 
  • ChatGPT has successfully captured earlier adopters’ attraction, but chatGPT will soon face a lot of competitors and challenges up ahead.



A current analysis revealed that OpenAI spent over $100K daily or $3 million monthly on running expenses, so monetization was only unavoidable in this condition.The company OpenAI is also looking to deliver the service as a cloud-based (API )Application Programming Interface that companies and developers can incorporate into their applications and assistance and authorize on a pay-per-use ground for it.


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