Exchange22 – SPORTS KA STOCK MARKET | Full Review, Refer & Earn Program | How To Play and Win

Fantasy cricket has gained a lot of users over the last few years. As we all know Online Fantasy apps are now under the trend graph, where users are using their sports analytical skills to earn money. In this article, we are going to talk about Exchange22. Exchange22 is an ultimate gaming fantasy platform that provides users with an opportunity to use their knowledge in sports to win money.

What is Exchange22?

Exchange22 is a Sports Stocks Exchange app founded in 2019. It is owned and operated by Hulm Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. It is an ultimate gaming fantasy platform that provides the user with an opportunity to use their knowledge in sports to win money, what makes it stand out among hundreds of fantasy apps is its unique concept of trading which allows the user to buy/sell a particular player(s).

How to download Exchange22?

Use this link below to download the Exchange 22 fantasy app and install it. Click Here

How to Signup and Get ₹25 Bonus on Exchange22?

1. Download the app via this link: Click Here

2. Open the app and click on Register Now.

3. Now enter the following details such as mobile number, email address, date of birth, and password.

4. Now Login with your registered details and enter the referral code for the signup bonus and set your fantasy team name and you’re ready to go.

Referral Code: WELCOME100 (Must Apply For Bonus)

5. Success, You can check your balance now, You got a ₹25 cash bonus.

How to Play on Exchange22?

1. Open the app and select any match from the Upcoming tab on the main menu.

2. Now select Buy/Sell and now you will see a list of players with their buy and sell rates.

A) What is Buy Player?

Buy Player means that if you think this player will perform better in the match. You can buy more than 1 stock of a player and If the player scores more points than his initial price you will get a profit. You bought one share of a player worth ₹42 and the player scores 100 points then the Total winnings will be 2*Buy Price (2*42=₹84) and Net Profit will be (Total Winnings – Buy Price) means (84-42=₹42)

Note: Total points of the player are more than 2 times of Buy price, so extra points of player l.e. 100-84=16 will be added to fantasy coins

B) What is Sell Player?

Sell the players you think will score fewer points than their initial price. You will get profit if the player scores fewer points than the selling price.

For example; You sold 1 share of a player worth ₹38 and the player scores 76 points then you get ₹0 winnings and if the player scores 20 points then the total winnings will be (Sell Price-Total Points) + Sell Price = (38-20)+38=₹56 and the Net Profit will be (Total Winning-Sell Price) 56-38=₹18

Note: Your net profit will be zero if the number of player points is equal to or more than the selling price.

Exchange22 Referral Program:

What are you waiting for? Grab an exciting cash bonus for every successful referral. Your friend gets 25 by using your referral code and you get upto 750 when they do their first deposit.

How to Withdraw Winnings?

  1. Login to your Exchange22 account on the App.
  2. Visit the ‘My Balance’ page and click on the ‘Cash Withdraw’ option under the winnings section.
  3. Enter an amount you would like to withdraw. However, you can only withdraw an amount less than or equal to your balance that can be withdrawn. This will be shown to you on the Withdraw Cash page.
  4. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹200.

Exchange22 Customer Care Details:

Helpline Contact Number: 888-274-274-3

Email Support: [email protected]

FAQ – Exchange22

A) I am below 18 years of age. Can I register on Exchange22?

Answer: No. Only users above the age of 18 years can register on Exchange22.

B) I do not have a Pan-Card? Can I register on Exchange22?

Answer: Yes, you can register on Exchange22, but to enjoy the full benefits and take part in the contest(s) and withdraw your winnings, you are required to verify your account by uploading your Pan-Card.

C) Can we use the entire referral bonus for trading?

Answer: You can use the bonus to pay platform fees. Maximum 50 percent of platform fees can be paid through the bonus in both multibagger and buy-sell.

D) What is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn?

Answer: A minimum amount of ₹100 can be withdrawn once per 24 hours.

E) What is the maximum amount that can be withdrawn?

Answer: A maximum amount of ₹50,000 can be withdrawn once per 24 hours.

F) Is there any charge on withdrawal of the amount?

Answer: No, they do not charge any amount on withdrawal.

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