Google Pay disappears from Google Play Store for some Indian users

Google Pay users in India have had a rough week or so to deal with. Not long ago, we reported about an issue with the SBI UPI servers where multiple Google Pay, PayTM, PhonePe and more users got affected.

While we at some point thought SBI had addressed this issue – at least based on a tweet the banking institution made on Twitter – it appears that plenty of people out there are still affected.

At the height of this issue, fresh reports are now popping up on Twitter revealing that for some unknown reason, the Google Pay app for personal use is missing from the Google Play Store.

Looking at the screenshots above, it is evident that the Google Pay app is missing from the Google Play Store. While there is a new update available for the app as of this writing, it remains unclear what triggered this issue.

Furthermore, it seems only Google Pay for personal use is affected given that affected users can still see Google Pay for Business via the same Google Play Store.

Digging further, it appears that the issue is only affecting the Google Play Store app and not the web version. Apparently, accessing the Play Store on a web browser should let you download and install the Google Pay app on your phone without any issues.

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Google has yet to acknowledge or make any statement in an official capacity, so we wait. For now, the only workaround is to access the Play Store via a web browser, at least until Google provides an official fix.

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