How Can You Enable And Use Package Tracking in The Gmail App

Gmail released a new implement in November, and Google pledged to help track cargo—you understand all the numerous things you purchased as gifts for your loved ones. 

The typical process for setting up an online order is straightforward. The preferred order was placed of your desire, and a confirmation email sends to your given Gmail account. After the product is ready for shipment, another email sends usually, and you will get that notification mail with a tracking number to get detail of your package location from almost all the shipping services.

And as you remain for your package to come, you end up redoing the same steps: exploring your inbox for the verification email, locating the tracking number and pursuing a series of links to see your delivery situation.

How Can You Enable And Use Package Tracking in The Gmail App
How Can You Enable And Use Package Tracking in The Gmail App


So this year, Gmail introduced a new extraordinary feature to assist you in saving time and staying on the above of all your shipments. Now in Gmail, there is no need to click via email links. Also, you do not need to copy and paste the tracking numbers provided by the shipment company into a different website to obtain details on your package’s location. You require to open the shipment notification email to obtain that information. That feature did not occur in time to help you with the overflow of holiday packages, but it is live now. That allows you to track your packages straight from confirmation emails. That email is where Gmail steps in. 

The new package tracking segment allows Google to carry that tracking number and haphazardly bring your shipping details in. every detail will become visible on a small card that arises above the email by and of itself. Here we discussed how to enable and use that element to preserve time copying and pasting tracking numbers.

Of course, since Gmail’s package tracking feature maintains privacy, it will not enable automatically; you need to enable it yourself.

How To Enable Package Tracking In Gmail


1. On the Android system:

  • You need to Open Gmail on your Android device.
  • Tap on the menu button at the top-left corner. 
  • Just select Settings
  • Next, Select your preferred email account ( if you have multiple Gmail accounts) and scroll through the General section.
  • Tap on the Package tracking.

2. On the iOS system:

  • You require to Head to Settings in Gmail.
  • Next, you need to Scroll down and
  • And click on Data privacy.

Switch on the Package tracking. Once it enables, you will notice some UI modifications throughout your emails. 

  • The first change you notice is a new status icon appears in a separate email that tracks functionality. 
  • After enabling it, you may not see each and detail since Gmail is now processing that details.
  • However, keep patience; you will see a green text showing details at a glimpse.
  • If you unlock an email with package tracking facilitated, a card will be at the top with an unbent progress bar. 
  • That bar indicates whether the Parcel has been delivered or shipped.
  • Gmail will inform you if your product delivery attempts but something comes up.

How Gmail’s Package Tracker Works

  1. Google tried to make this feature as easy as it could. 
  2. When you visit your inbox and notice an email with a tracking number, you will immediately catch the current delivery position in your inbox’s index view.
  3. If you need more details, click on that email to get a card at the top that indicates a parcel summary with the delivery status.
  4. Google says its package tracking feature is only available in most major U.S. shipping carriers.
  5. These shipping carriers will show significant statuses like “label completed,” “arriving today,” or “delivered tomorrow.”
  6. You also enable a feature to mail updates on your package, and Gmail automatically confirms the order position by scanning your Gmail inbox for tracking digits.
  7. It will then arrange the delivery status on the above of your email’s inbox so you can look better at your packages. 
  8. The package tracking feature will come in the Gmail app in the coming weeks, but Google is working on this feature to proactively examine for delay labels and obtain that email to the top of your inbox. 
  9. This way, you do not need to think about what occurred to a package that was considered delivered weeks ago.


  1. This tracking feature will save online customers a lot of extra effort. 
  2. Generally, consumers need to open their order verification emails and copy and paste the tracking details into the appropriate pages on Google or tap on a provided link to start tracking the order.
  3. However, if you want to open the order verification email, it includes a summary card at the top that provides little more detail.
  4. To allow package tracking, Gmail will ask you if you want to receive a tracking upgrade in a pop-up mode at the top of the inbox; you have to “Allow” or “Not now,” according to your preference.  


  1. The system scans your email for tracking details, but this is computerised.
  2. Still, some may consider this a privacy concern, mainly if Gmail uses this data to inform its various outcomes in e-commerce and first-party shopping facility.
  3. This new addition might impact the adoption of well-known third-party package tracking apps, including packages, Route, AfterShipment and different shop apps.


Other Apps And Extensions To Track Your Packages

  • If you can not wait for Google to upgrade Gmail with these excellent package tracking features, numerous third-party options can do it independentlyx    .
  • You can go for Parcel, which supports tracking dozens of international couriers or Route, which can link to your inbox. 
  • The more recent OneTracker app is also open on iOS and in the public domain for Android devices. 
  • If you seek an extension to connect to your browser, you can go for the Where is my package? , Or eTrack Google Chrome extensions or the Package Tracking Tab on Firefox.


Belatedly, Google said it would raise the package tracking feature to cautiously update the tag when a parcel is paused and get that email to the top of your mail inboxes to ensure you are aware.


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