How Do You Transfer Your Netflix Profile To Another Account

Netflix is the world’s most comprehensive streaming platform, with almost 200 million paying subscribers. After the pandemic, Netflix’s overgrowth has been delayed. For that reason, in 2022, the company drastically lost many subscribers owing to rivals from streaming platforms like HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV Plus, and others.

Regaining its reputation, Netflix has presented a new feature that allows users to transfer profiles to different accounts. This feature is beneficial if you have any password moochers; .you also take this feature if you have somebody using your account that you do not want anymore.

With Netflix’s Transfer account segment, you can obtain your account without skipping your streaming adventure. Also, if you intend to remove someone from your profile, you can show them an excellent way to exit. However, we can say that Netflix’s Transfer Profile is developed to drive the evolution easier.

Keep reading this article to learn how to transfer profiles on Netflix. You can also see every detail we understand about the new Netflix Basic with Ads tier launching this November.  

 ‘Transfer Profile’ Feature On Netflix

The feature of Netflix’s technology comes in the state of profile transfers. This feature is designed to create it more manageable for users to create a new account without forfeiting their unique recommendations and watch history.

The profile transfer option is now open to all Netflix users worldwide. But if you asked why Netflix needs a profile transfer option? Then there is a two-fold answer that can explain.

  • First of all, Netflix’s permissive reasoning for the existence of the profile transfer feature is 100% valid.
  •  You don’t want to transfer an account when moving families, finishing a relationship, or getting close to kicking someone else out.
  • Second, the immediate purpose of Netflix adding such a feature is to stop password sharing between friends and family.


Knowing Facts Before Netflix Account Transfer

Before you decide to transfer a Netflix account, you should have need to know a few things.

  • You must understand which information will move from the existing account to the new one. Your new Netflix account has a few things copied from your original account.
  • Profile name with your icon
  • Your Viewing content’s  history with ratings
  • Your movie  Watchlist with Recommendations
  • All of your account settings, like playback history, subtitles, and more
  • All of the Saved games and their game handle will be removed from the actual account
  • The following vital thing to recall is
  •  That you cannot share PIN-protected profiles. 
  • You need to unpin the profile lock to initiate the transfer process.
  •  And you cannot share Kids’ profiles to a new Netflix account.
  • When you finish the transfer process, then you will notice Netflix will not delete the actual profile from the current Netflix account. 
  • The genuine profile will still exist as a backup (but the account holder can withdraw it anytime)
  •  Payment information will not exchange among the account holder during the profile transfer. 
  • As explained below, you will require to attach a new payment state during the transfer procedure..
  • Netflix profile transfer is possible only on the official website (not on the desktop or mobile apps). 
  • Finally, You can access the new Account settings in a browser on your phone, computer, or tablet.


How To Transfer Netflix Profile To New Account

Existing account owners can transfer a suitable profile to begin a new account by obeying these steps:

  • You need to use a web browser and sign into the account ( the  actual profile you like to start a new account with.)
  • Stop by the Account page, or locate this feature on your homepage in the Profile Selection drop-down.
  • Choose the profile to begin a new account within the Parental Controls and Profiles section.
  • Tap on the Transfer link (Transfer Profile section).
  • Authentic Netflix company will save a copy of the original account profile.
  • You need to Enter your email address and the secure password you like to utilize for the new account.
  • Finally, you must follow the screen prompts to end your setting up the account.
  • Once Netflix creates and transfers the profile, your new account is ready!
  • If you began to transfer a profile by entering an email address and a password, you could utilize Netflix at any time to log into (using a web browser).,
  • and after that select Finish Transfer, and then observe the prompts on the screen


How To Transfer Netflix Profile To An Existing Account

Now, every user has the most typical questions about Netflix: Can they transfer their profile to an existing Netflix account?

  •  Unfortunately, You cannot opt for this feature.
  • Although Netflix noted that this feature is now not possible on its support page.
  • Now, if you input an email you’re sure you’ve never used to create a Netflix account, we recommend you check out the official support page for information about troubleshooting.
  • We would say that the profile transfer part functions well, but it is not good as we l thought. It is ridiculous that Netflix does not authorise you to move your profile to a current account. 


How To Disable Or Enable Netflix Profile Transfer

The profile transferring feature is allowed by default for all accounts worldwide. However, it may be possible if you want to shut off your Netflix profile transfers feature. You just maintain the steps below,

  • First, on your profile icon at the top of the right corner, tap on “Account” settings.
  • On the  “Settings” section, click on the “Turn off profile transfers” option.
  • If you wish to allow profile transfers, move to the Account settings and select the “Turn on profile transfers” option.
  •  Click on the “Allow” button to allow profile transfers once again
  • The profile transfer is not stimulated immediately, and you must wait 2 days. 
  • If you do not want to delay for two days, lead to your registered email account and find out the “Profile transfers will be available soon” mail from Netflix. 
  • Then, click the  “Enable instantly” button to start the feature and move your Netflix profile to another account.



Now you know how to create a new account without failing anything from your existing profile. But If you already share your profile to a new account you are paying yourself, and you have to save a little money to get a Netflix Basic with Ads plan.

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