How To Auto-Track Your Anime Shows and Manga

How To Auto-Track Your Anime Shows and Manga: If you love to watch anime movies and TV series regularly, viewing anime can be one of the best things to time pass your extra time but maintaining track of the episodes is the worst part. Everyone can not keep track of telecasts due to watching numerous shows in a single run. A considerable variety of manual trackers are now available on the internet to keep marking your watched episodes of anime shows, but that brings a serious problem if you miss a few episodes and fail to remember where you are.

Let’sLet’s let you know we can show you a tool to track your anime episodes online. 

The “MAL-Sync” will automatically track every episode you want to watch; it doesn’tdoesn’t matter if it is Bleach or Naruto. In addition, it will also track your manga content. If you like to read manga, you can follow the manga by the chapters you finished so you can quickly check your progress.

How To Auto-Track Your Anime Shows and Manga

What Is Mal-Sync Chrome Extension?

If you love to do anime watching online, MAL-Sync is the perfect tool for you. MAL-sync is an extension of chrome that allows users to watch every episode of popular anime streaming like Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Prime Video. However, it merges with anime tracking websites like AniList, MyAnimeList, Simkl, and Kitsu accounts to automatically add on animes you begin to watch and revise your progress. 


Features of Mal-sync:

  1. Easily auto-track anime episodes while you finish them in real-time
  2. This tool summarizes the anime and the personalities you are watching.
  3. If you need the considerations before initiating an anime, MAL-Sync already covers you.
  4. This tool can suggest anime shows in a similar pattern to what you are watching at the time.

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Here we explain how you can automatically track your anime online with the MAL-sync chrome extension. We will discuss how you can install MAL-sync Chrome Extension and start to follow the anime shows you want to watch. How To Auto-Track Your Anime Shows and Manga.

  1. First, you visit the Chrome Web Store and search for MAL-Sync.
  2. When you locate the extension, tap on the ”add to Chrome’Chrome’ button 
  3. Then the MAL-sync extension will install on your device automatically.
  4. After the extension installation, you have taken to a different tab where the official website of MAL-Sync installs.
  5.  Here you will be asked to choose the database you like to utilize for tracking the manga and anime.
  6. After deciding on the database, you should authorize your anime database profile.
  7. After that, You redirect to the appropriate website for logging in and certifying the connection.
  8. Finally, you will ask to shut the page. 
  9. Now, The MAL-Sync extension prepares to auto-track manga and anime on your browser.


How Mal-sync Auto-Track Anime Episodes 

  1. After installing the Chrome extension, this tool navigates to the platform you regularly utilize to stream anime or read the manga. 
  2. You Simply click on the anime you like to watch. 
  3.  A small pop-up appears at the top of the screen, confirming you to start watching the anime.
  4.  Click “OK” in the “Start watching” pop-up box and MAL-Sync gets to perform its work.
  5. MAL-Sync starts to track your watching progress. 
  6. Once you streamed almost 80% of the episode, it will mark as “watched” in your profile. 
  7. Now, You can see a pop-up notification confirming you to complete watching the episode at the bottom.
  8.  You can undo your action if you accidentally delivered the episode or hopped an episode in the queue. 
  9. Most importantly, if you close the tab while watching a show, MAL-Sync memorizes the times you left. 
  10. Whenever you want to stream that episode again, you can see a pop-up with “Resume at [timestamp]” at the top of the screen.
  11. Finally, if MAL-Sync fails to acknowledge the improvement or bugs out, you can revise the same on your own by tapping the progress bar at the bottom of the screen.
  12. Here is how automatic search examine your anime database.
  13. MAL-Sync automatically adjusts your progress in your MyAnimeList or AniList profile. 
  14. This extension will gradually become part of your anime-watching habit once you begin using it.


Additional MAL-Sync Features You Should Know

 The MAL-Sync Chrome extension offers some additional features that you must check out while using this extension. Such as,

  1. If you tap on the three-line or pencil icon in the footing right corner, a contemporary pop-up box appears on your screen.
  2.  It provides additional details such as an overview of the anime, thoughts, and recommendations close to the one you watch.
  3. It also lets you update your improvement, shows the streaming website you use to stream the anime, and offers more options.
  4. Moreover, you click on the MAL-Sync extension icon in the address bar, which might be concealed under the extension button, to notice what all manga and anime you are presently watching and what is the MAL-Sync updation.
  5. If you click on the “Settings” icon in the (MAL-Sync extension) pop-up, you can get a chance to adjust numerous features, such as the desired websites you like to track while streaming anime.
  6. You can switch the theme, progress estimation, video player, and other characteristics in the extension settings.


Few names of MAL-Sync Alternatives

1. Taiga : 

  • Automatic media detection
  • Interactive season charts 
  •  Share the current anime episode 


2. Mal Updater: 

  • Smoothly auto-tracking the episodes 
  • Have a search bar to look for new information
  • It has a theme option

3. Shoko:

  • A centralized database for maintaining them
  •  easy file management system
  •  it integrates a media player to enable you to stream anime anywhere.



That’s all you require to understand about auto-track the anime you want to watch or the manga you are reading currently. Now, you will be able to do it without any annoyance. 

We hope we successfully present this unique tool( MAL sync) to you and make it more manageable for you to automatically track all the best anime performances like Death Note and films you watch. You can also check out the offline auto-trackers list and choose one per your requirements. 


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