How To Connect PS4 To TV Without HDMI

PlayStation 4 demand is still on the roof, even though it is a decade old. And that’s only because of the immense love gamers have with the console, which has kept the PS4 alive.

Gamers still prefer that tiny device to play their favorite popular action games on their home television, and connecting the PlayStation console requires HDMI connectivity to translate the AV signal on the big screen.

But what if your Television has no HDMI port on it, and you plan to connect your PS4 to the TV without an HDMI connection. Would be that possible? well, I guess, a big ‘Yes’.

How To Connect PS4 To TV Without HDMI

As if the output source has not got any HDMI access, but got other AV signal connectivity like RCA connection or DVI, then there’s a golden opportunity to pass the video signal using HDMI converters.

You gonna need anyone convertor as per your TV compatibility, and you’re all set to show the Sony logo on your old TV. So why wait? let’s discuss how all this gonna work in a step-by-step process. Here we go…

How It Gonna Work & What Will Be Required?

Connecting a high-end console with a non-HDMI source requires a convertor that is able to translate the signal as per the compatibility of the output. And in this case, when your Television hasn’t an HDMI port, but other like composite inputs (red, yellow, white), then you simply need to purchase HDMI to RCA convertor.

In case your TV has DVI, then get the HDMI to DVI convertor. If somehow you get the direct connecting cables like HDMI to RCA cable or HDMI to DVI cable, then consider purchasing that too.

So using these convertors you will be able to translate the AV signals, but if you wonder how to connect the cables and converters with PS4 to TV, then jump to the next part of the guide to know about the connectivity.

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How To Use an HDMI convertor to Connect PS4 to TV?

  1. Plug the HDMI cable into the PS4 and the other end into the HDMI converter
  2. Then plug the relevant cables (for example, composite) into the converter and Television input
  3. Now turn on the TV & PS4 console, and wait until you see the Sony logo on it
  4. Enjoy!

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Final Thoughts

Well, all the modern TVs that you see in the market are equipped with HDMI & other smart features. The older ones that we used to watch with dish antenna had only RCA connectors that used to be preferred for DVD & video games.

But if think that such TVs aren’t useful to connect gaming consoles like PS4, then this guide is here to show the capability of your old TV. So now if still searching for ways to connect the device even after trying the above methods, then it’s time to bring one brand new Smart TV in your living room. Best luck!

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