How To Create And Share A Call Link On Whatsapp

This year the founder of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the features of a call link for Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a reliable service for numerous during it comes to video and audio calls, and this app currently starts a new feature which is a call link.

 It plans to receive video conferencing applications like zoom or google meet. The feature call link on WhatsApp gives a license to anyone to join your video or audio call on WhatsApp; it makes it uncomplicated to add people for calling instead of saving the number first and then via the connection list attaching anyone to your call. 

Zoom, Microsoft teams, Skype, and google meet allowed users to do voice or video calling as same as this link, but this is not a suitable platform for every user. Whatsapp is an immediate massaging application with a massive amount of user base. This introduction process makes it easy for users to join a call, especially when they want to join a large group.

Currently, WhatsApp brings a new feature of deleting text for everyone in a group or individual, and users can also react to a message with an emoji. Whatsapp brings many accessible features for which the users can do many things with this platform. The call link feature is one of the best of them. Users can go for this platform to make their call easily.  

 So here is complete guidance on how to share and create WhatsApp audio and video call links on iOS and Android.

How To Create And Share A Call Link On Whatsapp

How Does The Call Link Feature Of Whatsapp Work?

For the inexperienced, the call link feature of WhatsApp enables users to generate clickable links for video and voice calls on this platform. These links are as same as the ones accessible for video conferencing programs like google meet, zoom, and Microsoft teams. Users can join a voice call or a video call by clicking the link shared by anyone. 

Whatsapp is a frequently asked questions part on its website; through this, users can deliver this link to anyone or any group on WhatsApp. Users can also copy and share the link on any other massaging platforms of their contact list to join on WhatsApp for calling. The company also arrange that call link are automatically encoded. 

Additionally, the Meta-owned app for massaging clarified that at the time of the call link can be used on WhatsApp over and over repeatedly. 

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Why Use The Call Link On Whatsapp? 

Why will we use the call link features on WhatsApp in the 1st place when there is the possibility for audio and video calling to individual contact on our contact list or groups? This is because of the simplicity of the working of call links. On this platform, WhatsApp supports up to thirty-two members for video or audio calling. When you call a video or a voice call on a group of your contacts, all the members involved with the group can get a call, which may not be required all the time. In this type of situation, the call link features of WhatsApp will help you to place calls with extra efficiency. 

Also, there is another advantage of the call link features of WhatsApp that they will not expire if also you use them frequently. That’s why the call link features of WhatsApp are a better alternative than Teams calls or Google Meet for family calls. So a guide for how to create and share the call links features of WhatsApp is given below:


The Process To Create And Share A Call Link On Whatsapp

  • First, you have to open WhatsApp on your smartphone or iPhone.
  • Then you have to click on the calls tab.
  •  After that, click on the Create Call Link icon on the top.
  • Then you must select the type of call, like voice or video.
  • At last, you have to tap on the copy or share link and deliver it to WhatsApp or any other app.


What should things be known before the use of WhatsApp call links?

Before creating the call link feature on WhatsApp and sharing it with your family and friends, you should know some things about this feature. 


  • The call links feature is only supported on iOS and Android devices.
  • The validity of WhatsApp calling continues for ninety days; after that, it will expire if they are no longer used.
  • Users can then reuse links to contact friends and family later, and you will not be able to delete the links manually.
  • While users cannot delete these links then, WhatsApp can revoke those links for privacy and security reasons.
  • The audio and video calls remain automatically encrypted.
  • Any person can quickly join with a link to the video group call. That’s why users should share the link only with a faithful person.

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Procedure To Joining A Meeting Using The Call Link Feature On Whatsapp: 

It is effortless to connect WhatsApp calls using the call link feature. After you want to share an audio or video call, anyone can join the call quickly. If any user wants to share the call link through WhatsApp, even the user will see the call button asking for joining below the conversation link; just tap the join button and can quickly join the call. 


Is The Call Link Feature On Whatsapp Accessible On The Desktop?  

Everybody knows that famous video-calling apps like google meet or zoom are supported by many platforms such as iOS, desktop, Android, web, and smart TV. But now, there are many limitations to using Whatsapp call links. That’s why currently WhatsApp call links are not supported on the desktop. We hope they will provide this option in the future.



This article will help the users of WhatsApp to create the call and share it on WhatsApp with others. WhatsApp is an excellent app for connecting with loved ones. And it has become easier to catch using the call link feature of WhatsApp. Initiate communication with your partner and relatives without pressuring them when they cannot answer. Send them to call links so that they can call when they are available to chat.


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