How To Earn Money From Instagram Reels Bonus In India

What Do You Know About Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are short videos uploaded for 15, 30, or 60 seconds. They can be considered encouraging, educating, and entertaining for the all-aged audience. You can create Instagram reels using creative collections and tools offered on Instagram and make your brand. Brands and creators from different communities, genres, and places can collaborate to create new Instagram reel trends. 

What Is Instagram Reels Play Bonus?

  • The Instagram Reels Play Bonus lets creators earn money centred on the number of plays a reel receives. The feature is part of Instagram’s promise to invest 1 billion in creators. 

Who Are Qualified for The Instagram Reels Bonus Play?

  •  Corresponding to Instagram, the Play Bonus is currently invite-only and limited to the US, but it could expand worldwide in 2022.



  •         At least 1 million followers
  •         Professional Instagram Account holder
  •         Abide by Partner Monetization Policies

How Does the Instagram’s Reel Play Bonus Work?

When you are invited to the program, you must choose to start making money for the play. The process requires some conditions to other creator tools, such as confirming you own the account and delivering legal information.

After that, you will be given a payment for your reels at the end of 30 days, during which you may select up to 150 reels for the bonus, but the bonus is not eligible for paid, sponsored, or affiliate reel bonuses.

If you are within the 24-hour post-publishing window, you can create reels that you have already published eligible for the play bonus.

How Much Money Can You Earn For An Instagram Reel Play Bonus?

Your final payment is established on the number of bonus plays, that is, how many numbers views your reel collected on Instagram or Facebook. However, you need to earn a minimum of $100 to reach the minimum view condition, but Instagram initials this for each creator, so there is no set target to follow.

There is a limit on how much you can earn and how many views you can receive for the bonus, but this also differs from creator to creator. While the creator had the potential to earn $8,500 for hitting 9.28 million plays, another creator said he would need to hit 11.02 million plays to earn $1,200.  Instagram seems to have decreased the payment amount, as the same creator only had to hit 1 million plays to make the same bonus.

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 How To Earn Money From Instagram Reel Bonus in India?

It is no secret that Instagram Reels Bonus is big in India, the largest market for the social media platform Meta, formerly known as Facebook. Instagram has 230 million users from India, now looking for monetisation models in the short-form video (SFV) space. The company said that it would focus on building monetisation tools for reels.

We will discuss the Reel Play bonus program and five wonderful ways to monetise your content.

  1.       Brand Collaboration
  2.       Making money associated with marketing
  3.       Selling your service or products
  4.       Manage the traffic to your channel or site
  5.       Reels Play Bonus Program



Suppose you have a decent amount of commitment to your profile. In that case, it’s time to monetise your content like crazy Various influencers earn around $100 to $500, and these numbers also vary by followers, niche, and commission rate.

By now, If you have a huge following and would like to monetise through influencer marketing, start enhancing your profile and get exposure on platforms like Upfluence.



Having a demanding niche and laser-focused audience will help you earn through associate marketing through Instagram.

Instagram doesn’t let you paste links anywhere other than your bio. You can use several tools like Link. Tree or link. bio to add a group of links to your bio.

If you have an approved affiliate link, you can put it in your bio and start making content regarding it to increase sales from your link. Based on your associate network, you’ll earn a decent commission if someone buys from your link.



Social media is the best place to attract organic sales to your business. If you have a product to sell, you can create content about your product and boost sales.

If you do not have any product, you can move ahead and sell your services on Instagram, as it’s the best place where people find talent.



Since Instagram is such a popular platform, you can get more views for your reels. And to monetise them, you can also push traffic to your website or YouTube channel.



If you are a creator with more followers and good engagement with your content, then it is the perfect time to apply for Instagram’s Reels Play bonus program.


What exactly is the program?

Well, if you are a creator, you can take part in this program, and you will be paid directly from Instagram. Instagram has also published some principles for making money through this program.


Getting Started with The Instagram Reels Play

Certain rules and eligibility requirements ensure you can earn money under the Play Bonus program. Also, you need to be set up to get the bonus.

  •         setting up bonuses
  •         selecting reels for the program
  •         understanding the rules and qualifications
  •         tracking your preferences


Best Practices for Creating Compelling Reels

Reel Play Bonus payouts mainly differ on how your reels are playing, and you must create enjoyable and interesting reels that attract your audience and help you get more views. The Instagram algorithm favors content that gets lots of views and engagement, so high-quality content is key to achieving your target, which is view count. Here are some tips for creating more engaging reels:

  •         Create something which has adds value
  •         Popular or famous audio clip
  •         Follow the trend
  •         Post at the appropriate time


Wrapping Up

These are all effective ways to earn money from Instagram Reel. Making a reel is only a 1-hour job, but if you know how to create viral reels regularly, you can start monetising your content in as little as 3 months.

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