How To Get An Akudo Card?

The current education system has moved towards online learning and it continuously evolving to bring major changes. And if we take a look at financial learning, some startups have joined the online learning race by combining fintech and education.

You may have seen a lot of fintech startups have focused more on teenagers than the Millenials, and focusing on that, a startup named ‘Akudo’ has come up with a unique idea of providing debit cards to the young ones to learn financial abilities.

Akudo was founded by IITian & Bits Pilani alumni back in 2010, becoming the first-ever ed-fintech startup, majorly aimed at 11-19 aged teenagers. The company provides personalized debit cards to the teens under their parental control with different finance activities and analytics to boose their financial knowledge.

If you’re a parent who wanna make their children financially free with parental controls, and wish to educate them about finance, then you should check out this ed-fintech startup Akudo. So let’s know…

Key Features of Akudo Card:

  • personalized VISA prepaid debit card
  • spend & earn rewards up to 7% on both online & offline transactions
  • video contents to achieve financial learning
  • affiliated with RBI licensed bank
  • applicable for parents aged above 35 years
  • easy signup process to get hands over the visa card
  • instant virtual card activation
  • no registration fees
  • about ₹149 charges for physical card delivery

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How To Apply for Akudo Card?

a. Parent

  1. Download Akudo app
  2. Install it & Open
  3. Click on Signup & Choose Parent option
  4. Enter your Name, Age, Number & all other basic details
  5. Set up the 4 digit PIN
  6. Verify your Number via OTP
  7. Enter your PAN no. for KYC verification
  8. Fill up the details & submit the form
  9. Done! Your account will get KYC verified within the given time period

b. Teenager

  1. Download the Akudo app on a teenager’s smartphone
  2. Sign in via Parent’s Mobile number
  3. Choose Teenager option
  4. Enter your 4 digit PIN
  5. Fill up your name, gender, DOB
  6. Click that VISA card banner & unlock Visa Prepaid Card
  7. Complete the details you want on your personalized debit card
  8. Done! your virtual Visa Card will be activated instantly
  9. To get it delivered, you may need to pay the given charges by entering your current residence

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Final Thoughts

I got my first debit card after completing my 12th grade, and before that, I used to use my guardian’s card for any online transactions. And now after watching such startups like Akudo, I feel a little jealous, as the current generation is getting whatever they want as compared to us (or at least mine).

Well, it goes both for parents and the child for having such a wonderful chance to grab a personalized debit card at a minor age. Let me know in the comments below, what are your thoughts about the startup & how you wanna see innovations in the upcoming fintech startups.

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