To play any video game, we get a variety of choices to choose from, like pc gaming, games on a smartphone but some brands create a specific gaming console to attract and grow the gaming community.

And one of these gaming consoles is ‘PlayStation, quite popular among gamers and one of the top recommendations with its other competitors – Xbox and Nintendo.

And the thing that makes this device is the category of games it provides, if we take a look at the 4th generation of PlayStation of PS4, as a default package you get hundreds of games packed in the box.

But there are also premium games that aren’t included in the free pack while having ps4, still to get access to them you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee to use these paid games to play along with PS4.

How To Get Paid Games For Free On PS4

So here arrives the main question, can we get the paid games for free on ps4? well, yes! Some ways could give you the paid games to play on your favorite gaming console. And to know how you can get them, you need to follow this tutorial till the end.

So let’s know each of them…

How To Get Premium Games For Free On PS4?

1.  Start Trial & Play The Ps4 Paid Games

1. First of all Visit this link

2. Create a new Sony account

3. Enter your DOB, Address, Email, Password & proceed

4. Verify your email address

5. Click the Playstation Now button on your PS4 screen & login with the create you just created

6. Start the free trial & have access to paid games for free

7. Done!

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Final Words

PS4 is the dream of every gamer to have it and despite having it, still, the dream gets deeper and deeper. Well, it’s about getting the premium games to play on PlayStation 4. And to grab one of these paid games, a certain amount of bucks are required.

But I guess, the above-mentioned ways have saved your money on spending on ps4 paid games. So if you’re such a person, who knows some legit working way to get hands-on ps4 paid games, then let us know in the comments section below.

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