How To Send Money From Bangladesh To India

Send Money From Bangladesh To India: India has been the largest recipient of remittances on record since 2008, and in 2020 the country reported remittance flows of US$83 billion. The country’s official currency is the Indian rupee, which translates to Rupa or Mudra in Sanskrit.

Due to the requirement for Indian money transfers, most leading service providers will offer a fair BDT to INR exchange rate. Compare money transfer providers in one place to send money from Bangladesh to India. Send money to your loved ones abroad by comparing Indian Rupee (INR) remittance exchange rates to Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).

Read reviews of remittance service providers and check deals, campaigns, and concessions. Transfer online or send cash based on services provided by these providers.

Send Money From Bangladesh To India

How To Choose The Best Service Provider?

 When considering how to send money from Bangladesh to India, there are some important aspects of the transfer.

  •         Find out the lowest providers who offer above mid-market rates.
  •         If you’re looking for the best price, speed, and reliability combination, use BDT to INR transfers.
  •         This means that by using online money transfers from Bangladesh to India, you can save on transfer fees and benefit from faster speeds – so your recipient gets more money and delivers in less time.


What Is The Fastest Way To Send Money From Bangladesh To India?

Speed is one of the most significant factors you should consider while sending money from Bangladesh to India regarding services offered by various money transfer providers. Currently, BDT – INR is the fastest way to send.

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 What Payment Methods Can Be Considered As Sending Money From Bangladesh To India?

Many money transfer providers let you deposit and send money through several payment options., but not all of them give you every opportunity. Usually, you’ll find bank transfer and card payment the most common forms, but many providers also accept cash, and some deliver funds directly to your recipient’s door.

  • Using credit cards, money can be sent to India from Bangladesh. You can transfer your fund through an online money transfer provider to pay for your transfer to India to avoid high fees.
  • Using debit cards, money can be sent to India from Bangladesh. You can transfer your money online to India t your debit card. But before making a payment, ensure you understand all the processing fees
  • To transfer money from Bangladesh to India by Wire Transfer method. To make an international transfer using a wire transfer, you need to know your recipient’s SWIFT/BIC code in India. If you’re unsure what it is, check out the SWIFT calculator to find the correct SWIFT code in India.


The Key Points Should Be Considered For a BDT-INR Currency Transfer

Before sending money from Bangladesh to India, you should consider these key factors:

  •         The amount you need to transfer
  •         The exchange rate of BDT-INR
  •         Hidden charges and hidden fees


A Detailed Description of Sending Money To India From Bangladesh

The first step to sending money from Bangladesh to India is identifying a money transfer provider that best suits your needs. Once you choose a provider, follow these steps to transfer your BDT to INR funds abroad.

  •         Tap on the provider’s site and register an account.
  •         Provide documentation to prove ID and related information that may be required for provider compliance and regulatory checks.
  •         If paying by ACH direct deposit or bank transfer, add recipient information, including their bank account in India.
  •         Enter the amount you want to send and start a transaction.
  •         Pay for your transactions through alternative methods like your Bangladesh bank account or debit card.
  •         Sit back and relax and watch your money travel to India

After initiating the transaction, the provider will inform you about the progress. Many transfer companies also have mobile apps; You can track the real-time status of your transfer from Bangladesh to India.


What Is The Cheapest Way To Send Money From Bangladesh To India?

It would help if you considered the cheapest way to send money from Bangladesh to India to avoid the high fees. Our comparison engine has determined that you currently offer the most affordable possible rates. 

How Does Your Recipient Receive Money or Fund From BDT to INR in India?

Several methods are available to your recipient to receive your money in India. These will vary among providers, but it is possible to find services that:

  •         Directly deposit INR to a bank account
  •         Allow the recipient to collect the cash at a particular location across India
  •         Directly Deliver money to their doorstep
  •         Send INR to your receiver’s mobile wallet

If your recipient wants to collect or deliver money to them in India, they will usually need the following:

  •         A government-issued ID document such as a passport, Aadhaar card, or Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC)
  •         Money transfer reference number
  •         Details of the sender and the amount of money sent

How Much Money Can Be Transferred To India From Bangladesh?

The amount of INR you can get from Bangladesh will depend on the money transfer service you use. Some providers specialize in small remittance payments, and providers specialize in larger transfers.

You should also check whether there are government regulations regarding the amount of INR received in India or sent from Bangladesh before you transfer.


What is a FIRC Code, And Do Need This To Transfer Money From Bangladesh to India?

Anyone arranging foreign money transfers to India may have come by the term FIRC which stands for Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate. FIRCs are similar to receipts, confirming that your Indian beneficiary has received funds in India that were made in Bangladesh.

A FIRC usually acts as a safeguard if your transfer is found to be suspicious and investigated. This legally binding document will include detailed information on the beneficiary’s full name, the sender’s full name, the type of payment, the total amount in local currency, the exchange rate used, and the purpose of the payment.


Final thought

Nowadays, money transfer from Bangladesh to India is much easier. But before making the transfer, you must be aware of every rule and regulation the government issues.

When sending money from Bangladesh to India using a bank account transfer, you pay outgoing fees, flat fees, currency exchange rate markups and sometimes additional incoming transfer fees.

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