Video conferences are now getting more attention than normal group chats, because of the critical situation we’re going through. Apps like Skype are being preferred by users to create a video call meeting to keep continue their remote work or online classes.

Since Skype has been the best video conferencing platform among employees and students, so frequently using the app. for sharing work projects is common between them. However, Skype users have noticed a bit of lag or issue in the app. where they cannot able to share their system sound with the other person in the video call meeting.

Screen sharing allows the user to easily demonstrates the kind of work regarding their assignments, but due to no audio, it makes the conference/video call a bit useless.

how to share system sound on skype

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Well, in this tutorial, you’re not going to frustrate with that issue of sharing system sound, as we have found some working ways to troubleshoot the common error. So let’s know how you gonna make your Skype call more productive by enabling the share system sound option.

Trick To Share System Sound On Skype

Sharing audio signals is a must when you’re dealing with a client or attending online college lectures. A video with no frequency is nothing but an ongoing picture loop, and in the case of the Skype application, it’s quite easy to turn that ‘share system sound’ option. And if you’ve tried to find that then follow the below methods and know the right place to catch it.

1. On Skype Web

How To Share System Sound On Skype

  • Now while having a video meeting, click on that More option at the bottom right corner

How To Share System Sound On Skype

  • Click Audio and video settings and Select your appropriate audio signal in the Audio tab

How To Share System Sound On Skype

  • Done!

2. On Skype Application

  • Download & Install Skype application from Google play store | Appstore
  • Log in to your Skype account
  • Create a video conference call & invite your friends/clients
  • Toggle on the Audio signal and Hit the Start call button

How To Share System Sound On Skype

  • Done!

Final Words

With loads of video conferencing apps available, Skype from Microsoft still tops the game due to its brand value and unique features. But getting a slight error could distract the user from switching it to some other conference app, so this was the tutorial about fixing that error with some simple working steps.

And I hope you’ve known how you can share system sound in the Skype application on any device you’re using. So, that’s it for now, see you guys in the next guide with another techy content. Bye!

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