How to Start A Conversation On Tinder

The strength meter of joy crosses the threshold when there’s a match on the popular dating application ‘Tinder’. Users who’ve been using the Tinder app. for a long time know how it turns out a stranger into a soul mate with just a couple of conversations.

And that’s the reason, why the dating application is been so popular for years, however, not everyone has such luck or skill to create a conversion that converts to date.

As it requires a lot of techniques or I can say a good experience of starting a conversation or in other words, a perfect communication skill that does the job of meeting your true soulmate.

Well, if you’re that guy (probably) or girl, who just got a tinder match and now looking for a perfect strategy to win the game without losing any points, then this article might gonna be your life creator if you’re a single person from ages (sorry for the pathetic joke).

So grab a cup of coffee, and read each section below to make a new friend on Tinder just by having a text conversation. Let’s go…

Ways To Start Tinder Conversation

#1 Ask Questions

The best way to initiate any conversation is by asking questions. If we take an example of anything in history, each war or discovery has been started by questions. And the same tactics could be applied to Tinder conversations.

Go and read the person’s bio, and figure out what you’re gonna ask him/her that makes sense and doesn’t sound cheap. It could be anything, suppose if the other person loves to watch web series, you could ask something like this – ‘have you watched breaking bad?’

And if the reply stays positive, you can continue the chat with an awesome ending and attachment that have a lot of chances to level up the conversation into a physical date.

Well, I have used this method a lot, and fortunately turned many strangers into instant. friends and WhatsApp contacts. Therefore, try out this and let me know in the comments about the result.

#2 Look for Similarities

Like we did an example of web series in the above point, you can also look for some kind of similarities in both of you. It might be anything like similar hobbies, same graduation course or whatever, that leads to a common thing between you both.

And keeping that in mind, you can continue the conversation without feeling the awkwardness. Well in between you also should use your sense of humor to keep the chat alive, else the string of commonness won’t last long, as every girl prefers some fun chat to boring repeated lines. So take a look at what the person loves to do, grab that gap and fill it with something magical which gonna make fallen for yourself.

#3 Send your Status

What’s your status? answer it right now & send it to your partner. Having a real-time or live conversation with your crush creates an invisible trust as if you’re sharing your life moments with the other person, which means there’s something that you take care of.

And this particular technique creates a lot of topics and questions that easily make a conversation endless till you capture a boring talk. Tinder has a lot of users who’re more interested in having physical friends than just an online Facebook friend.

Such type of content can attach a trusty feeling to the partner about creating a trust bond relationship. Well, you must also check, whether the person is interested to receive your status or not, sometimes over texting or random sharing can cause a loophole in your conversation. So if the conversation triggers a status, simply send it and wait for the reply with their statuses too.

#4 Use Stickers/GIFs/Memes

Stickers or GIFs are silent text with pictures and motions, and this can be your perfect tool to tell your inner feeling which you cannot via normal text on Tinder. If you’re in total confusion about how and where you could start a nice conversation, then simply grab a meaningful GIF and hit that send button to initiate the wonderful conversation.

And the chances are higher that you would surely receive a GIF reply too, and keep grinding the GIF game until you find the spot to stop the game and text about what you actually wanna say to that person. Using this technique requires proper research (no need to laugh), about which GIF/Sticker is appropriate for you to send.

The best one which I know till the date is by sharing a meme, as you all know how we all laugh at funny memes when we receive them from any medium. The power of meme would surely attract a laughing emoji reply, and from right there you can start a lovely conversation with your future loved ones. Try it and comment below, if the meme method worked for you or not.

#5 Get Some Pickup lines

“I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away!”

hehe, but such pickup lines can surely turn on a slight smile on your cutie’s face. And she will surely love to chat with you to level up the conversation. Well, you should wisely choose the pickup lines, as some of the sounds are so creepy and humorous at the same time.

The other person shouldn’t feel like you’re a random 14-15 yo immature guy (so-called ‘nibba’), who has zero sense of humor to have a girlfriend. Even the mature ones do too, so we cannot blame the young teenagers entirely, but the point is, to use meaningful pickup lines that sound mature and funny.

The trend of using pickup lines to attract the opposite gender is still working in 2022, just a simple understanding and mature behavior are required to fulfill it.

#6 Burn The Trending Topics

Trending topics are the best ways to start a conversation on Tinder, as you won’t have to think much about questions and topics, simply throw a burning topic and there you go. Well here is the topic itself gonna be your friend or evil, meaning if the talk is about something political which makes the opposite gender annoying or disagreeing, this method will become your worst weapon ever.

Something trendy carries a little humor and a good lengthy subject and can give life to your tinder conversation. And to find such topics, you may use Instagram or Facebook, which is I guess the easiest task to have. And as soon as you have a trending topic, simply paste it into the conversation, watch the response and keep flowing with it. That’s it my boi…

Final Words

It’s no shame in using online dating apps when you’ve got no girls in your life. Whether it’s tinder or any other random application, you must have that talent or skill of communication to carry a meaningful conversation to get your crush.

Of course, the above points aren’t the only available methods that would work if you try on your tinder conversation, there is still a lot to try even if there’s not mentioned on the entire internet.

Use your flirty brain, try some catchy lines, and here you have your reward. At last, do share this article/tutorial about ‘starting a conversation on tinder with single friends and see who’s gonna be in the relationship first, you or your forever single friend. Peace!

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