Youtube has now become the hub of viral content, and it’s nearly impossible if you haven’t watched any youtube videos yet. We all have, isn’t it? and the major reason behind watching youtube videos is the variety of trending and unique topics.

And these are uploaded by the users which are called ‘youtube channels’ and subscribing to such channels makes your youtube timeline full of subscribed relevant videos. However, due to a lot of youtube channel subscriptions and watching history, the algorithm cannot decide which video has to be popped up on your youtube feed.

How To Unsubscribe From All Youtube Channels At Once

And in such a case, there is the only option left and it is unsubscribing all the youtube channels to restore the default youtube feed. But how would you unsubscribe all of your youtube channels at once? if the numbers are in pairs then there is no need to get stressed but what if the list goes in hundreds and thousands?

Of course, you gonna need some trick or hack to unsubscribe from all youtube channels. And here in this tutorial, you are going to know the easiest and popular method to do it from your youtube account. So, why wait? let’s explore and learn…

Trick To Unsubscribe All Youtube Channels At Once

  • Turn on your pc/laptop and open Google Chrome
  • Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page to populate all items to the screen.
  • Right-click anywhere on the page ( or Click F12) and click “Inspect Element” (or just “Inspect”), then click “Console“, then copy–paste the below script, then hit return.

var i = 0; var myVar = setInterval(myTimer, 3000); function myTimer () { var els = document.getElementById(“grid-container”).getElementsByClassName(“ytd-expanded-shelf-contents-renderer”); if (i < els.length) { els[i].querySelector(“[aria-label^=’Unsubscribe from’]”).click(); setTimeout(function () { var unSubBtn = document.getElementById(“confirm-button”).click(); }, 2000); setTimeout(function () { els[i].parentNode.removeChild(els[i]); }, 2000); } i++; console.log(i + ” unsubscribed by YOGIE”); console.log(els.length + ” remaining”); }

  • Wait for the script to complete the entire process and within few minutes all your youtube channel subscriptions will be gone.
  • Done!

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Final Thoughts

Subscriptions keep you entertained with the content which you’re interested in. But irrelevant stuff can easily stab the flow of watching. And one of the solutions to get rid of this is unsubscribing from every channel to which you’ve subscribed since the beginning.

And doing it via manual method can take your quarter of day time. So the above method shown was the perfect solution to this issue and I hope it has solved your query which you were looking for. If have any suggestions or doubts, submit them below in the comments section.

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