How To Install Tor Browser On Your Chromebook

How To Install Tor Browser On Your Chromebook

Tor Browser Installation Process On Your Chromebook: Hello everyone, we want to guide you about the downloading and installing process of  Tor Browser on your Chromebook. In today’s world, Online privacy and security are essential to all users because they can prevent your data from malicious threats and hackers from fibbing in the hold to harm you.

 Tor Browser is ideal if you want to stay incognito while skimming the Internet. So, without hesitation, let’s begin with How to Reach Tor Browser on Chromebook.

What Is Tor?

  • The Tor Project has developed a free and unidentified computer network that anybody can operate to retain their privacy online. 
  • The Tor network operates standard Internet infrastructure with its overlay web of voluntary-provided Tor nodes.
  • These are routing for Tor network traffic.
  • They encrypt your gridlock and perform other gimmicks to cause back-tracing, and locating your IP address is nearly impossible.
  • The Tor browser allows you permit to visit websites on the Tor network and also the regular web( clear web)
  • Tor website uses the HTTPS protocol, so your connection still is encrypted and unreachable to others users.
  •  If the website uses an older HTTP protocol, your gridlock will not be safe. 
  • A virtual private network (VPN) can protect that last phase of the connection and is highly suggested.
  • Its original purpose is to visit sites on the Tor network, called onion sites. These have a “.onion” extension which a regular browser cannot access.
  • The Tor network is considered a darknet and a portion of the dark web. The dark web contains a lot of horrible content. If you are excellent and convincing, you should only visit the dark web. the dark web is not always bad, And there are many fair reasons to say so.

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How to Download and Install Tor Browser on Chromebook

I will take you through the process of installing Tor from the source. Because in some allocations, installing from a PPA fails. This is because lodging from the start is not problematic. here’ the steps How To Install Tor Browser On Your Chromebook

  • Download the original tarball from the authorized Tor site.
  • Open the terminal and modifier to the directory having the download.
  • Open the download option with the tar xvzf tor-*—tar. gz command.
  • Assemble the source with the command ./configure && make.
  • Establish the application with the sudo makes install base.
  • If you receive errors during the build stage, you may require to install a couple of dependencies. This can be handled with the command:    sudo apt install libevent-dev libssl-dev
  • If that doesn’t fix the dependence problem, conduct the command again and study the errors it created. 
  • This will give you all the hints you require for the missing dependencies. 
  •  After the dependencies are taken care of, go back via the above steps and install it again.
  • All of the above processes resolve all the problems and install just fine.

Downloading Process Of The Chrome Extension

With Tor installed, you can add the virtual extension to Chrome. See how it can be possible,

  • open chrome
  • Indicate the browser to the Tor Button extension porter
  • When initiated, click on Add Extension
  • It will help if you let the installation  process complete
  • Time to employ this one or two combination.

How Can You Run Tor on Chromebooks?

  • According to The Tor website, there is no authorized Tor client for ChromeOS. 
  • There is a Tor Android app, and since Chromebooks can drive Android apps so you can apply it on your Chromebook.
  • This is not ideal. The websites you visit assume you are on a mobile device. The website you will see is responsive. They are designed for small portrait-mode screens.
  • Luckily, you can take an easy method to install a real Tor browser on Chromebook. It uses Linux Subsystem for ChromeOS. If you have not enabled Linux on your Chromebook, you first need to do so.
  • Linux Subsystem may not be functional on older Chromebook models. Unfortunately, you are out of luck if the setting doesn’t appear in your ChromeOS settings.

Turning On The ChromeOS Linux Subsystem

  • First, you need to turn on Chrome OS’s Linux subsystem.
  • Click on the system tray to unlock the Settings menu, and click on the cogwheel icon
  • to type “linux” into the search bar. On the Settings page, 
  • Next to the “Linux Development Environment (Beta)” entry, tap the “Turn on” button
  • A verification window will let you understand that the downloading process is about to start.
  • Click on the “Next” switch to proceed to the next page.
  • You have to Enter a user name(leave the disk size option) 
  • You can begin the installation procedure by clicking on the “Install” controller, you can start the installation procedure.
  •  The installation process will carry a few minutes. 
  • When the setup completes, you notice a Linux terminal window with a control prompt and a sparkling cursor.
  • We can use APT to establish the Tor browser.

Making Tor Safer On Chrome Os

  • Let’s improve the security status of the browser.
  • First, click on the (three-line )menu icon at the top right of the window.
  • Here select  the menu “Preferences.”
  • After opening the Settings window, click “Privacy and Security” on the left side of the screen.
  • A padlock icon changes the choice if the browser window is a narrow width. 
  • Finally, the “Security Level” is fixed to the “Safe” setting.
  • you’re suitable to visit onion sites With the Tor browser configured
  • Starting Tor And The Tor Extension
  • Tor is initiated with the tor command while returning to the terminal window.  
  • You would not get back bash prompt again, and this is fine 
  • After Tor launches, return to your Chrome browser and click the Tor icon on the primary toolbar. 
  • In the pop-up, click on the purple Tor icon, and your desired browser will automatically attach to your Tor network at
  • Chrome is now attached to the Tor network. As a result, your browsing is completely Anonymous.

Please Make Sure You Turn It Off.

When you’re browsing with Tor,

  • You have to ensure you quit the Chrome extension (click on the gray Tor icon and Tor browser icon )
  • then return to the terminal window and click on  + to block the Tor service.
  • After disconnecting, your browser traffic will not be on the anonymous Tor network.


I hope you enjoy the guideline for downloading and installing Tor Browser on Chromebook. You can always ask us if you have any questions about this article, you can always ask us. And we sincerely request you show your love by sharing this article with your companions.


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