The amount of rush to get the 1st dose of vaccine is getting intense day-by-day, as the adults are finding it way harder to book their vaccination slots.

The third phase of vaccination in India has invited the age group of 18-44 years to get their first Covid-19 vaccine dose, and even after registering for the vaccine, getting a slot is no way easy for them.

Every time you visit the Cowin portal for confirming your vaccine slot, you get that red ‘booked’ option. And there are no perfect timings that when the slots are open to book the vaccination appointments.

Regarding this frustration, a lot of developers have come up with a solution where the user can get notified every time there is an availability of vaccine slot.

Yes, you heard that right, using these websites/bots, you are gonna get a real-time notification about the available vaccine slot of your nearby vaccination center as per your pin code.

Well, currently these services can only notify about the vaccine slots but in order to book an appointment, you still gonna head over to either the Cowin portal or the Aarogya setu app.

Despite that, there are still a lot of chances to secure your 1st vaccination appointment. So let’s know, which are those bots/websites that you should take a look at to find and book your vaccine slot.

Tricks To Find COVID-19 Vaccination Slots Near You

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How To Monitor Available Vaccine Slots Using Vaccine Slot Trackers

The following are the working resources created by various developers using the Cowin portal API to find the slots at nearby vaccination centers. So try every vaccine slot tracker and confirm your first vaccine dose.

1.Paytm Vaccine Finder

The popular recharge and bill payments app ‘Paytm‘ has brought a solution to instantly notify you as soon as there is an availability of vaccine slots. You can find this feature in the Paytm app as ‘Vaccine finder’, where you can search the nearby vaccination centers and the data of available slots.

The main reason behind adding this to the top of the list that it notifies with real-time alerts on their Paytm app when there is a vacant vaccine slot. So simply follow the below steps and know how to set up the notification alerts about vaccine slots. [Read more :]

  • Open Paytm application
  • Under ‘Mini app store‘, click the Vaccine finder icon

  • Enter your PIN CODE, age group, and Dose no.
  • Hit ‘Check availability and you will see the no. of vaccine slots, if available
  • At the bottom, click the ‘notify me when slots are available‘ option
  • Confirm the Dose & your preferred vaccine (either Covishield, Covaxin, or Sputnik V)
  • Click ‘Continue‘ and now you’ve successfully enabled the Cowin vaccine slot alerts. is another vaccine tracker platform developed by the popular digital health and wellness service ‘HealthifyMe‘. The thing that makes this source unique is the notifying system via WhatsApp and text SMS.

You simply need to enter your pin code and there you get the option to turn on the alerts directly on your WhatsApp account. To set up the notification alarms via VaccinateMe, the following steps will help you do that easily.

  • Open website in any web browser
  • Select the PIN CODE option, enter your Pincode and click the ‘Search slots‘ button

  • Hit the ‘Notify me‘ icon and select Whatsapp

  • Enter your WhatsApp number & you’re now done to receive vaccine slot notifications

The third coWin slot notifier comes from a group of developers, where they have created a way to notify the adults through email notifications. As per their website, the service is run by Azhar, Shyam, Anurag, and Akshay.

You simply need to fill the basic form on GetJab to enable the vaccine slot alerts via email. Follow the below steps and know how to activate the cowin slot notifier using the website

  • Click on ‘Get Notified‘ and from now you’re gonna receive email notifications as soon the vaccine stocks up
  • Done.

Similar to, here comes another vaccine slot tracker ‘’ to monitor and notify the availability of slots in the easiest way. Their developers @shubhendusharma and @jeroznishanth have created this vaccine slot alert and like others, it is also gonna alert you to the next available slot in your nearby vaccination center. The following steps would help you to monitor the vaccine slots using the website.

  • Click Search and hit the notify option
  • Insert your email address & that’s it.

5. COVID-19 Vaccines Near Me Tool

Another major vaccine tracker tool created by Amit Agarwal is ready to notify with real-time email alerts. As per the developer, it is an open-source vaccine slot tracker based on the public coWin API, it will help you to automatically track the available vaccine stock at your location. And to set up the email alerts, you gonna need to follow the following every step. [Read more :]

  • Open any web browser on your desktop/laptop
  • Click here to make a copy of the Vaccine Tracker Google Sheet in your Google Drive account
  • Wait for the script to work, and click the ‘Launch Vaccine Tracker‘ box

  • Authorize the permission by clicking the ‘Continue‘ button

  • You may see an alert window, to continue simply click the ‘Advanced‘ option at the left bottom corner

  • And continue with the ‘Go to Vaccine alerts‘ option

  • Click the Allow button to let the vaccine tracker work
  • Now you will get back to the homepage of google docs, so again click that ‘Launch Vaccine Tracker‘ box
  • Here a window will be popped up, and you just have to enter your vaccination slot details with your email address to create a vaccine slot email alert for you.

  • As per the parameters you used in the above step, an email notification will be received in your Inbox about the availability of the vaccination slot of your preferred Pincode
  • Done!

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Final Words

Being the second most populated country in the entire world, it’s gonna be challenging for India to vaccinate each adult as per the current vaccination phase. And when there are huge numbers out there, finding the vaccine slot manually is totally a luck factor.

But using the above websites, I’m pretty sure you gonna confirm your 1st vaccine dose at your nearby vaccination center. So let us know which other hacks you’re using to secure the vaccine appointment, and share it with our viewers down below in the comments section.

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