Twitter Blue is Live In India -Get ₹900/ Monthly

Twitter Blue is finally coming to India. The subscription was established last year but was rebuilt after Elon Musk took over the company in late October. The fundamental feature of the updated Blue subscription is that it vows the prestigious blue tick (verified badge) on the profile. Previously, users had to apply to get a blue tick, and the procedure wasn’t always smooth (or transparent). In addition, the Blue subscription includes exclusive features like less ads, longer posts, early access to upcoming features, the power to revise tweets and more. Users can enrol on Twitter Blue via the Twitter app for Android, iOS, and web versions. In short : 

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  • Twitter Blue subscription launched in India.
  • Twitter users with Twitter Blue get a blue tick on their profile.
  • Twitter Blue members must verify their phone numbers to get a blue tick.

Want a 'blue tick' on Twitter? Get ready to pay $20 a month - India News

Twitter Blue Price in India

Twitter has ultimately launched its pay-for-blue-tick subscription service in India – Twitter Blue. Chief Tweet Elon Musk said that Twitter would keep remembering Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) before launching Twitter Blue in India. However, it doesn’t seem like it, as the pay-for-blue-tick subscription service has been launched at the following prices –

  • Android users = Rs 900 per month
  • iOS users = Rs 900 per month
  • Web User = Rs. 650 per month
  • Web users can also opt for an annual payment of Rs. 7,800

Twitter Blue subscription pricing changes across platforms. A Twitter Blue subscription costs Rs 900 monthly on iPhone and Android smartphones. On the web, the subscription is Rs 650/ month or Rs 6,800 per annum. This indicates that web users can get Blue membership almost cheaper if they opt for the annual plan, which goes down to Rs 566.6 per month. Twitter hasn’t modified the Twitter Blue subscription price for India, as the price is the same in the US. The price difference is mainly due to the charging for in-app purchases by Google Play and the Apple App Store. Both Google and Apple claim that a cut of their developer revenue is used to improve their respective app stores.


How to subscribe to Twitter Blue on mobile?

Step 1 – Open the Twitter app on your Android/iOS

Step 2 – Login with your Twitter credentials

Step 3 – Tap on your profile picture; the menu ‘Twitter Blue’ will show

Step 4 – Tap on the Twitter Blue

Step 5 – Scroll down and subscribe; currently, a monthly subscription is only available on mobile devices

How do you get your Twitter Blue subscription on iPhone, Android phones and the web?

Twitter app users should make sure they are using the latest version of the app. To get Twitter Blue, users need to open the app, click on the profile picture in the top left corner and select Twitter Blue. To subscribe on iOS or Android, follow these steps. 

  1.  Visit the Profile menu.
  2. Twitter Blue
  3. Then Subscribe in 

On the web, you can go to and choose More > Twitter Blue > Subscribe. It is possible that all Twitter users will not see the option on their respective devices. Likewise, despite having a Blue subscription, some features may not be supported on your device. As Twitter, more than 90 days ago, only Twitter account holders can sign up for Twitter Blue. All Twitter Blue signer must confirm their phone number as part of the sign-up.

Once subscribed to Twitter Blue, changes to your profile photo, display name or username (@handle) will result in the blue checkmark. Once the account is verified as continuing to meet requirements, no further changes will be permitted during this review period.

Twitter Blue launched in India: How to subscribe, benefits, and pricing

Twitter blue availability:

Twitter Blue is accessible in select countries, including 

  • The US,
  •  Canada
  •  Australia
  •  New Zealand
  •  Japan
  •  UK
  •  Saudi Arabia
  •  France
  •  Germany
  • Italy
  •  Portugal
  •  Spain
  •  Indonesia
  •   Brazil
  •  India.


The features of Twitter Blue :

In terms of features, after verifying their phone number, users will get a blue tick mark on their profile. However, more details on the timeline are awaited from the company.

  • Twitter previously said that users with a Blue Tick (verified badge) would need a Blue membership to retain the badge. 
  • Twitter Blue allows users to edit tweets up to five times within 30 minutes of publication. Also, users can share videos in Full-HD resolution.
  • In addition, tweets by accounts with verified accounts will be prioritised and featured more prominently in the timeline. 
  • This means that Twitter Blue members’ tweets will have higher visibility for more likes and retweets.
  • Twitter also said that users with Blue memberships would get early access to upcoming features.
  • .NFT profile picture, after linking your NFT wallet
  • Ability to upload longer videos at 1080p quality
  •  Twitter gives priority to Twitter Blue users in ‘replies’, ‘mentions’ and ‘searches’.
  •  The ability to change your app icon on Android and iOS devices
  •  Ability to read news articles on supported news sites bypassing paywalls

Final words :

Twitter said existing members with a verified badge should also get a Twitter Blue subscription. However, Twitter did not provide a timeline for when users would have to subscribe to retain their prestigious Twitter badge.


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