ZEDGE vs Wallcraft – Best Wallpapers App ?

Today I am bringing an app comparison between the two most famous Wallpaper apps. First is ZEDGE which gives you the best background wallpapers and cool ringtones for free. Here you can personalize your phone with HD wallpaper, live wallpaper, alarm sound, or ringtone with ease. The second is the Wallcraft app which is shown only those wallpapers which are suitable for the size of the screen of your device. Here all images are of high quality and various resolutions. Support for any device, including devices with large screens. So let’s know more about these apps in this thread and see which fits you the most.


◼️ ZEDGE Wallpapers & Ringtones

It provides one of the biggest collections of wallpaper suitable for all smartphones. You can search and download any wallpaper of your choice. The recommendations are always according to your taste. You can find almost all types of wallpaper in this app. Quality is great and so is its collection. One of the largest libraries I’ve ever seen. From the famous movie BGM like that of KGF to Old classic ringtones,  ZEDGE provides all for free. It’s easy to apply and the quality is also great.

◼️ Wallcraft

In the app, only wallpapers suitable for the size of your screen will be displayed for you. Here all images/wallpapers are of high quality and various resolutions. It give support for any device, including devices with large screens: 1080×1920 px (Full HD, 1080p) and 2160×3840 px (Ultra HD, 4K).

Wallpapers Collection

◼️ ZEDGE Wallpapers & Ringtones


• No need to look for more wallpaper apps. It provides an endless selection of free backgrounds supporting the most common screen sizes.

• Supports full HD wallpaper and 4K wallpaper to use as backgrounds.

• Fancy a black phone wallpaper, or maybe a girly wallpaper? You’ve got it!

• Option to apply lock screen wallpapers, home screen wallpapers, or both at the same time.

• Option to auto-select a new background that rotates at selected intervals.

• Customize your background with cool filters and stickers.

Live Wallpapers Collecion

◼️ Wallcraft

• Double Wallpapers – our new way to express you and your friends. One idea with two wallpapers for home screen and lock screen. And single exclusive wallpapers that were created by our artists.

• Only the honest size of the wallpaper, no increase.

• In the Wallpapers Craft application you will not see poor quality wallpapers, we do not add such ones. You will not see our wallpaper is not the right size for the resolution of your screen.

• Manual cutting of wallpaper under your screen.

• All wallpapers in the application were cropped manually so that you enjoy the perfect pictures for your mobile phones.

• New wallpapers every hour.

• Over 80,000 beautiful wallpapers for screens up to 540×960 px; more than 10,000 Full HD wallpapers for the screen 1080×1920 px; over 5000 wallpapers for smartphones with 2K screen 1440×2560 px, more than 1000 4K wallpapers for phones with 4K display 2160×3840 px.


Additional Feature

◼️ ZEDGE Wallpapers & Ringtones

• Ringtones

No need to look for more ringtone apps. An endless selection of free ringtones including music, effects, and funny tones. Probably the largest selection of free ringtones in the world.

• Option to set individual contact ringtones, alarm sounds, and default ringtone. Apply a cool ringtone for your mum or sister.

Alarm & Notification sounds

• Massive selection of notification sounds, alert tones, and funny tones.

• Option to set an alert and alarm sound.

Favorite and Save

• Add a sound or wallpaper to favorites without downloading.

• Access your ringtones and backgrounds across all your devices with one simple login.

• Receive notifications on limited edition holiday wallpapers and ringtones for occasions and holidays like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mothers Day, New Years’, Halloween and Christmas plus cool customizations for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more.

App permission notice

• Contacts: Optional if you want to set individual ringtones to contacts in your address book.

• Photos/Media/Files: Needed to allow you to save and use a custom wallpaper, ringtone or notification sound.

• Storage: Needed to display or use the currently set background, ringtone or notification sound.

• System settings: Optional if you want to apply a ringtone as the default phone ringtone.

• Location: Optional if you want personalized recommendations based on your location.

◼️ Wallcraft

Save battery and resources

The application displays only wallpapers and screensavers adapted to the size of your screen. This allows you to save battery power and Internet traffic, as well as use the application at maximum speed, without loss of image quality.

•Actual wallpapers at the moment

We follow all the trends in the world. You will find the latest background pictures from us. The most beautiful places in the world, cities, countries and simply beautiful wallpapers for any mood and desire.

• Ease of use and nothing more

We tried to make the most convenient and simple application for you, removing all unnecessary and concentrating on the main thing – the wallpaper and their quality.

• Let the background pictures into your phone.

You can set the wallpaper on your phone screen on android or tablet. You can also set beautiful wallpapers on the lock screen or on both screens at once. Beautiful pictures for android will help you easier to survive the difficulties of life! Photo wallpaper on your phone and tablet will make it much more beautiful and attractive!

◼️ Final Words

◼️ ZEDGE is my favorite since my first smartphone and it outperforms all its competitors being the perfect allrounder. It caters to all my needs and I don’t have to download multiple apps for multiple purposes. This perfect all-rounder comes with a massive library of wallpapers and tunes. Also, the UI of the app is great for newbies and one will easily navigate how to download and apply wallpapers and ringtones.

◼️ Wallcraft is just a faveolus wallpaper app, especially for AMOLED Display smartphones. It also supports the IPS panel smartphone. But this app’s wallpaper is just op level and faveolus looking on any AMOLED display smartphone. I personally just like this app. I also recommended all smartphones.

Download link :

◼️ ZEDGE Wallpapers & Ringtones:  Google Play Store

◼️ Wallcraft: Google Play Store

So if you’re still confused regarding which one to go with, test them out both first to see which one you like better.

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